Scaling on the face

Posted by: cschaap

Scaling on the face - 09/24/09 08:51 PM

My son's face is peeling really bad right now. I use amlactin on his body once a day to help exfoliate and of course aquaphor but I get nervous about putting the amlactin on his face. It just seems kind of strong. Is there anything else that might work better?

Posted by: KimNL

Re: Scaling on the face - 09/24/09 11:29 PM

Hi Candace,
We've tried Dermal therapy - which worked for a short while but we usually use Lac-Hydrin 12% on Casey. We start with that, then our Cetphil/aloe/glycerin mixture and finish with Aquaphor. We do that 3 times a day. She is 18 months old and tolerates it well but we have been using different things, i.e. dermal therapy since she was quite young. As long as it isn't applied immediately following the bath, it hasn't seemed to bother her.
I find the face and scalp to be my biggest struggles for Casey - but we soldier on and do th ebest we can.
Posted by: MomofPrincesses

Re: Scaling on the face - 09/25/09 08:06 PM

We use Amlactin on Kallie's face and she doesn't seem to be bothered by it.
Posted by: BritMum

Re: Scaling on the face - 09/29/09 02:09 PM

We use Calmurid and it seems to do the trick!
Posted by: cschaap

Re: Scaling on the face - 09/29/09 08:57 PM

Is Calmurid over the counter? Where do you get it?
Posted by: BritMum

Re: Scaling on the face - 10/02/09 06:49 PM

We get it on prescription here in the UK. Not sure if you can get it OTC in the US???
Posted by: chrisbiggs

Re: Scaling on the face - 10/16/09 05:18 AM

Have you used different clays with minerals? Or it's only useless myths?