Flu Shot v. Mist

Posted by: Sideshow_bob

Flu Shot v. Mist - 09/12/09 02:11 AM

It's time to get our daughter her annual flu shot, and once again the issue of the shot v. mist has come up. We've always treated her as "immune compromised" just like they do for kids with asthma, etc., and do the shot instead of the mist. Then our pediatrician does a booster three months later to make sure A. is protected the entire season (she had a nasty case of flu as a 2 year old and none of us wants a repeat). Only problem is that she is TERRIFIED of shots. Even as an infant she would start screaming the moment the nurse entered the room and wouldn't stop until we were in the car to leave. I would love to get the mist for her, but there just isn't any guidance out there for us on this! What do *you* do about flu shots and your kids?
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Re: Flu Shot v. Mist - 09/12/09 11:55 AM

We did the mist last year (first year our kids ever got flu shots actually). They had two doses of the mist several weeks apart because they had never had any type of flu shots ever. It went totally fine, they had no problems with it, and they didn't get the flu. I plan on taking them to the ped soon to get the mist again this year.
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Re: Flu Shot v. Mist - 09/13/09 01:22 AM

We all get the flu shot since the mist is a live virus. If it were a huge deal I might consider the mist. Our pediatrician left the decision up to me knowing about my son's ich.
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Re: Flu Shot v. Mist - 09/15/09 05:56 PM

I've been wondering the same thing...Natalie is MORTIFIED about the prospect of a shot. Big anxiety, makes herself sick just thinking about it. We may try the mist this year after getting only the first dose only last year. Only did the first dose the year before that as well.
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Re: Flu Shot v. Mist - 09/28/09 08:30 PM

Lauren's pediatrician has always wanted us to stay away from the mist, but I was never certain why. I know the mist is a live virus vs a dead one like the shot. Lauren is scheduled to have her shot tomorrow so I will be sure to ask what the difference is.

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Re: Flu Shot v. Mist - 09/28/09 09:16 PM

Hey Shannon
We did the mist last week, and seem to have weathered it fine. I say we seem to have, because both kids got strep two days after the flu shots, and we've had vomiting/fever/diarrhea all weekend. Going through the attendant peel, itchiness, and grumpiness that goes with it.

Tell Lauren we said hi!
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Re: Flu Shot v. Mist - 09/29/09 09:25 PM

To all interested,

So we got the shot today and I asked the nurse what makes them choose the shot WITH LAUREN vs. the mist. The answer was...that given HER diagnosis of Harlequin and HER remarkable medical, respiratory history (she has been through it) ect...they considered HER in the category of immune compromised (not unique to her ichthyosis necessarily) and the mist is not recommended for those patients with immune issues. Bottom line is they want to be very conservative in her care. She took it like a champ and depite all of her anxiety about getting a shot, stated when it was over "Is that it?" H1N1 next, I guess.

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Re: Flu Shot v. Mist - 10/01/09 12:36 AM

I can understand wanting to get the flu shot especially if you or your child has a weak or compromised immune system. The question is, does it work? Flu shots are prepared nearly a year before the flu season starts and are at best a guess of what strain of flu will hit us, not to mention they may contain mercury as part of the preservative thimerosol, a known neurotoxin. The CDC will tell you it has a high percentage of effectiveness, independent research will tell you a much different story. The three flu strains that go into the vaccine are chosen nearly a year before flu season hits. Because the viruses mutate rapidly, the strains in the vaccines often donít match the actual viruses that come to your town each season. Here are some websites that explain how the flu shot is made, how effective/accurate past flu shots have been and how the "CDC crystal ball" is used to make the flu shots.