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Posted by: Klynn

New Here - 11/30/08 04:08 AM

Hello, I am a mom of a 7 year old girl who was diagnosed on tuesday with ichthyosis. I took her in because she had what I thought was a rash that kept spreading. We got the diagnosis and a prescription from toe doctor. I had never heard of this before and any informantion and tips on dealing with this is most helpful.
Posted by: BritMum

Re: New Here - 11/30/08 01:28 PM

Hi and welcome!

What type of Ich was your daughter diagnosed with? There are many different types and the treatment/management can differ but the general rule of thumb is MOISTURISE!!!
You'll get loads of good support and advice here! Everyone shares their stories and they are always willing to suggest alternative regimes if what you're doing isn't particularly working. But everyone is different, you just need to find what suits and what works for you and your daughter!

Good luck

Posted by: Ivy's Mummy

Re: New Here - 12/01/08 03:44 PM

Just wanted to say hi and welcome, this is a great site for help, support and answers to any random questions you may have. It's a case of working out a routine for you and your daughter in which her skin is kept moisturised. Everyone here is so helpful here, keep coming back.

take care