Prenatal shots!!!

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Prenatal shots!!! - 10/30/08 05:12 PM

Yesterday I went to the Dr's for my 14 week old prenatal visit. They said all was well. I am concerned because they want me to take weekly shots to prevent pre term birth from happining again. I delievered both my other children at 35 weeks. They both were a good size( 6'2 and 5"12) They both were born a collodion baby. My question to all of you is, after having a child or children with collodion membrane, will a unaffected child still come early??? I am just so scared of these shots because they are not FDA approved!!!!
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Re: Prenatal shots!!! - 10/30/08 05:24 PM

If you don't want the shots, there is no reason for you to take them. Especially if they aren't yet FDA approved!

And being colloidian doesn't necessarily mean being born early. I was colloidian and was born right on my due date.

As you know, due dates are "estimates" anyway! Maybe your body is just the "type" to want to deliver early?
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Re: Prenatal shots!!! - 10/30/08 06:13 PM

I agree. You should be careful about putting anything extra in your body. All 3 of mine came early and were all heathy wieghts. Of the 2 that have LI only 1 was fully collodion.
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Re: Prenatal shots!!! - 10/30/08 08:34 PM

There's no evidence that ichthyosis leads to premature births. However, you have a 11% chance of having a preemie for your first child. Once you've had one preemie, your risk goes to 20%. Once you've had 2 preemies, your chances of another are about 45%. Speaking from experience - I have 3 preemies, so I did the research.

That said, what shot do they want to give you? Progesterone has been shown to help prevent the cervix from thinning and prevent premature contractions. It only helps, though, if the prematurity was caused by a progesterone problem. This is fairly new research, so it likely hasn't been approved yet.

In my case, I tested positive for having 2 mutated copies of a gene called MTFHR, which can cause clots, placental insufficiency, IUGR and premature birth. Ask your doctor about that - it's just a blood test. Another thing you might want to ask about is seeing an MFM in addition to the OB.
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Re: Prenatal shots!!! - 11/02/08 02:10 AM

All 5 of my kids were early and only one has ich if your others were fine i'm sure this one will be also if you are around the same time frame all of my kids were born between 35 & 36 weeks and everybody was fine my doctor said some women it just the way there body works.
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Re: Prenatal shots!!! - 11/02/08 02:11 AM

Best of luck i'm sure it will turn out great!!