Emulsion cream

Posted by: snackmom

Emulsion cream - 01/29/08 10:41 PM

Hi everyone!

Some of you may notice a similarity in my username- I am actually snackboy's wife. I thought it was time for me to register myself so I could post whenever and whatever I wanted or needed! Anyway, I have been a quiet lurker for a while now and I have appreciated everyone's suggestions on how they help maintain comfort for their children through the daily routines.

With this in mind I was wondering if anyone has ever tried emulsion cream/lotion on your affected children? I recently added some to David's routine and I have seen amazing results. I know some of them can sting a bit, so I used Terry as my "ginea pig". Both he and David have EHK. After 3 applications, we noticed that David's legs(where I first applied it), although they are still dry, appeared a lot softer and smoother. So then I applied some to his torso which had dark patches from build up. Again I noticed a difference after just a few applications. The cream that I used is specially made for sensitive skin and David showed no signs of discomfort. This lotion is part of a broader line of skin care products which includes an alpha hydroxy lotion which I think I will order and have Terry try as well.

While I am well aware that there is no miracle cure or magic drug, I am hopeful that this lotion will help David keep physically comfortable in his own skin. I was just curious if anyone else has tried it and found success, since I am very pleased with the results have seen so far.

Thanks for letting me share,