Bakers p&s

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Bakers p&s - 04/18/07 01:40 AM

It's used to remove scales from the scalp. Just curious if anyone has ever tried it or heard of it. Gracie's derm told us about it and I'm thinking about tring it.
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/18/07 10:11 PM

I used P&S oil on A last night for the first time; I think it's made by the same people who make Vanicream and Free & Clear shampoo. Her scalp is whistle clean this morning -- nary a scale in sight. It also is beet red, and her hair is greasy even after I washed it this morning. She says it doesn't hurt, so maybe the redness is just the color of her scalp without the scales covering it? Who knows. It seemed to have worked, though, and I will probably use it at least once a week to get the major build-up off.

Oh, and weirdest thing -- her hands are baby smooth today. She rubs her hair a lot in her sleep, and I think she got the oil on her hands and it got the build-up off her hands, too. Whatever the reason, it was so nice to feel her hand today and know that it wasn't too dry or uncomfortable for once.
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/18/07 10:54 PM

I used it last night too for the first time. I only left it in for about two hours while grace was taking a bath and then I washed it out. Did you leave it in her hair over night? How did you keep it from getting every where? I would love to keep it in Gracie hair for a while but she will not keep a hat on and i'm afraid she might get it in her eyes. Did you buy the shampoo that goes with the oil? Our derm. said it works well and should take the oil out of the hair easily. I'm glad it worked for you, I can tell a difference already but need to keep it on Gracie a little longer.
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/19/07 12:09 AM

what is the P&S oil and where do you buy it? I have never heard of it.
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P&S oil is marketed for psoriasis. I got it off
Here is the link to the product so you can read about it:

I put it on A's hair overnight, which I think was a mistake for someone so young. I didn't have a problem with it getting anywhere -- I rubbed it into her scalp while she was in the tub, and then combed it through when we got out. Next time I think I'll bathe her in the morning with it, and wash it out at lunch. She had it on for 12 hours (that's how long she sleeps), which was way too long. I think maybe 5 hours would be good. Her poor little scalp is STILL red, but she insists it feels fine. I think she's so used to being uncomfortable she doesn't notice. Poor little baby.

I didn't order the shampoo, because the shampoo is just 2% salicylic acid, and I can use T-sal for that. It also has the dreaded methylparaben in it (and animal protein?). I know Erin uses P&S, though, so maybe she's tried the shampoo.
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/19/07 03:11 AM

I just put it on Gracie's scalp tonight while in her bath and left it in for the night. I hope it doesn't hurt her, I put a little bit of water on it to dilute it so hopefully she'll be ok. Her scales are extremely thick, thicker than I have ever seen and we need as much help as we can get. Her little scalp bleeds every time I try to brush her hair, it's so sad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this product will help. I bought the shampoo but didn't realize it had parabens in it. I probably will not use it now but need to find something strong enough to get the oil out in the morning. Thanks for the info, Jennifer
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/20/07 09:26 PM

How did the P&S work on Gracie?
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/21/07 01:13 AM

Thanks for asking, it's worked better than anything else we have tried. After just one use I can tell that the scales are lifting up but not yet ready to come off. I tried to comb them out in the tube this morning but she started to bleed again. I did get a few scales off which is a big deal for us! I used it again tonight so hopefully we will have some success in the A.M. How is it working for you? Gracie's Derm. suggested Derma Smooth to use once the scales come off, Have you ever tried it? I might give it a try next week to see if it might work better than the p&s.?
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/21/07 02:36 AM

I've heard great things about DermaSmooth, both on this board and the psoriasis board (I lurk over there to pick up tips, since they deal with scaling, too.) I really want to try it; I think I'll call our derm next week and see what he thinks.

I think I'm going to put the P&S on A's feet tomorrow night and see if the smooth hands was just a fluke, or if I'm onto something... Keep me posted on Gracie's progress!
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/21/07 12:40 PM

Good idea, it seems to make my hands soft when I rub it in Gracie's might work on her feet. Let us know how it worked. Jennifer
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/26/07 01:11 PM

I am just curious as to how the P & S is working? It's been a cpl of weeks now. Do you put the P & S just on the head, hands, and feet? Is it ok for the face? I am debating on getting it for my daughter who has CIE.

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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/26/07 05:11 PM

I asked our ped. about it yesterday, waiting for her to call back. I'm not holding my breath because it has glycerin in it lol
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/26/07 10:10 PM

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No, but she has Netherton's, and 99% of the stuff you can use for other types of ich. you can't use for her - her skin is really thin, and she absorbs a lot. We've never used glycerin on her before, generally we can't use anything like lactic acids or alphahydroxy, ect.
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/27/07 01:33 AM

Seeing what it did to A's scalp, I can't think it would be good for Julia. It peeled the entire top layer of her scalp off, and scales came off the size of quarters (we usually have small scales about the size of my pinky nail or smaller). I can see now why Julia's hair came out -- A's scales pulled up around her hair as I combed, and I had to gently break them up or else it pulled out lots of hair with it. I'm thinking Julia's hair just broke off at the shaft when her scales came out the other day.

I did put it on A's feet again, and it seems to have made them a little smoother. It's hard to tell, because she walks so much they get calloused just like anyone else's feet. Her hands are so soft right now, I can't believe it. I don't know if it's just the change in weather or the P&S, but I love her little baby hands!
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/27/07 02:27 AM

How long did it take for the scales to come out? I've have used it for about a full week and the scales have not come out yet. They have now formed big scales and are a little loose around the edges. If I could just pick at them I think I could get them out without taking the hair out but Gracie will not let me comb or pull them out. I'm still using the bakers in hopes that they will eventually fall out? Just don't know what else to do.
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/27/07 01:10 PM

I put in the Nutcracker video, pulled A's head to rest on my chest, covered her up with a blanket, and combed the scales out for about 30 minutes. I had to work the scales out gently with the lice comb, starting at the edge and then peeling it up. It took me three days to get all the large scales out, because obviously this wasn't comfortable and you can only get a two year old to cooperate so long.

I found some tea tree oil in the ethnic hair care section and used it the other night (it's a mix of several oils, including coconut, olive, tea tree, and others). I put it on at bedtime instead of her Curel, and it didn't make her hair look too greasy the next morning. We've had smaller scales the past week, but I can't say it was any one product that did it (we're at 55% humidity now, so the weather is a huge factor).
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/27/07 08:13 PM

Originally posted by sideshowbob:
Seeing what it did to A's scalp, I can't think it would be good for Julia.

Darnit! lol She has a pretty thick layer of scales on the very top of her head, where the hair is though. Just on the top, everywhere else her head is only slightly flaky!!

I'm just at a total loss on how to get it out, without making her bald. I can get them out with a comb or a washcloth, but all of her hair will rip out and I just can't bring myself to do it!!
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Re: Bakers p&s - 04/27/07 09:38 PM

It seems like everyone is having good luck with the P&S. Mine was delivered yesterday, so I tried it on Dakota when I put him to bed, and oh my gosh, I have not had any sleep. He was up all night crying. I finally took a wash cloth and tried to take most of it off his head. What a miserable night. Nothing has ever bothered him before. We use to use DermaSmooth and that never bothered him.It does look like it loosened some of the scaled tho. He will never let me comb or pick at his head tho. I am going to put it on his head again in a minute and wash it out when he takes his evening bath. I put it on dry hair are you suppose to put it on when the head is wet?
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Re: Bakers p&s - 05/02/07 06:22 PM

Amazingly, our derm. and ped. gave us the go-ahead for the P+S stuff, so I guess we'll give it a shot. I mentioned to the ped. that some kids it seemed to hurt, and she said to make sure and buy the shampoo that comes with it, because it might be that it's hard to get off the scalp and if it stays on for longer than it's supposed to it can burn. I have no idea.

Anyone know if there's a way to dilute it? Maybe the first time we use it, I'll mix it with Aquaphor or something...