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Scandishakes? - 03/22/07 02:41 PM

Anyone ever heard of them?

They make things like, 600 calories! My friend who also has a kid with failure to thrive recommended it, and I'm waiting for our ped. to call us back today so I can ask if it's appropriate for Jules.
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Re: Scandishakes? - 03/22/07 03:21 PM

Hmm are they any different from bodybuilder/weightgainer shakes? Whey protien is meant to be the most easily absorbed and best protein so I wonder what the difference between the two is. I take whey protein and pure dextrose when I work out.

BTW, what does failure to thrive mean? I think perhaps this might have happened to me in late adolescence since my bone structure is very small and I look incredibly young for my (adult at 25 y/o) age. So much so that I get really nervous whenever I buy products that have age restrictions on them because I've had people refuse to sell to me before, even after seeing my ID, and it's highly depressing to think I look so obviously strange to people. I feel like I'm being illegally discriminated against, but it's happened so frequently, that I don't really know what else to do. I guess it's obvious there is something wrong with me, even when my skin is well treated and at it's best.

(sorry for the rambling)
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Re: Scandishakes? - 03/22/07 06:15 PM

I'm not sure if it's any different. I used to give Jules MCT oil when she was younger, in an effort to get some fats into her, and I know bodybuilders use that as well. So it could probably be interchangable - if you don't work out and take those supplements, then you'll just gain weight. Maybe? lol

Failure to thrive means, not gaining weight or growing properly - sometimes there's a reason behind it (Netherton's needs about double the calories an average person would need), and sometimes not (some people just follow their own growth curve). For instance, Jules was like, 7lbs at 8 months old. That's obviously below the normal weight range for that age, and she wasn't gaining weight properly (infants usually gain like, a pound/month or something).

Oh, and on the looking your age thing - lol, that happens to me, too. I'm 22, and I look like I'm 15, no joke. It's a given that I'll get carded if I buy alcohol or something; my younger sister on the other hand, looks like she's 25, and she's in reality 20 lol I don't know if it's because I'm sort of a small person (I'm about 5'2" and 95-100lbs), or if it's b/c I have freckles and it makes me look like a kid lol

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