Julia's first allergy!! :(

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Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/17/07 12:03 AM

She's been throwing up for months now (though still gaining weight! Odd), so we sent off a milk allergy test. We didn't really think that's what it was, because she does fine when she gets Similac (milk-based formula), but throws up on the Pediasure (what she's currently getting).

Surprise, surprise - she's at the high end of a class 1 allergy to milk! I guess there's 6 classes, so it's more like an really bad intolerance, but at least we know what's causing the vomiting. I honestly don't think we're going to switch her off, just because she does fine other than the puking - it doesn't seem to be bugging her. Plus, I don't know what else we could give her that has such a high calorie count (at the moment she needs over 1,400 calories/day!) in such little liquid. We can't concentrate regular formula, because it makes her sodium skyrocket (at least that's what they think happened, when she was hospitalized near Halloween).

I hope this isn't the start of a ton of allergies...
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/17/07 01:07 AM

Is a milk allegy the same as lactos interlarants. I don't know the calorie count but we used lactofree milk and still do with both of our boys becasue they were always throwing up the milk. Just a thought.
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/17/07 02:07 AM

I'm not sure! The Pediasure is lactose free, however it still has milk ingredients in it (took me a bit to figure out lactose and milk can be two different things lol). So she's probably not lactose-intolerant, because there isn't any in what she's eating.

She does have issues with whole milk, yogurt, and cheese - whenever I give it to her, she throws up. Really weird. The ped. conveniently left early today, and is on vaca Monday, so I won't really be able to talk to her in depth about what we should avoid until Tuesday afternoon at some point.
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/17/07 02:24 AM

Grey had a lot of problems with milk products when he was a baby. We put him on lactose free formula but as you said, lactose free is still made from milk. Lactose is a milk sugar. I'm lactose intolerant and so is my dad. We thought Grey was lactose intolerant too but even lactose free formula didn't cut it. Soy formula made him constipated so we stuck with the lactose free and he spit up all the time. We looked a little silly with a burp cloth and a one and a half year old but he didn't stop spitting up until he was about two years old. He actually refused his formula at 9 months old but we were told by his ped to still give him yogurt and cheese even though it made him spit up. When he drank milk it was vanilla soy milk which didn't cause constipation issues. Unfortunately, you may just have to stick with what you're using but if it's not really bothering Julia terribly it may not be that big of a deal. I guess that's going to be something you and your doctors decide. My point to this post (yeah I do have a point LOL)...I just wanted to let you know that Grey no longer has issues with milk. As with all allergies, there is a possibility that she will outgrow it. Actually, there is a really good possibility that she will outgrow it as most children with milk allergies do.
Ahhhh...motherhood is never easy! Just when you think you have it all figured out and things are going well, something happens to prove you wrong. LOL!
Good luck!
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/17/07 07:49 AM

When I was a baby I had a cows milk protien allergy which ment I was allergic to all dairy products and anything containing cows milk (including chocolate!!!). I wasn't diagnosed until I was 7yrs old but I had had it since birth. The dr's had no Idea for 7 yrs why I kept throwing up. Anyway I thought Ellamay had it to as she threw up all her milk as a baby and wasn't gaining weight but hers turned out to be something different. When I was a kid my mum tried me on all sorts of milks including goats (yuk!!!) but I got on best with soya as it has protien, calories etc, but you would have to talk to your dr about that as Julia is young and I'm not sure about soya with babies but you can buy soya formula. Anyway I actually grew out of the allergy before I was 10 yrs so easter became great I could eat chocolate again. Good luck anyway
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/17/07 01:25 PM

I'm going to have to look around at maybe Trader Joe's for some soy products. Julia reeeally likes yogurt, but it makes her throw up half the time. The nurse at her ped. mentioned that they make soy yogurt. I guess I'll buy some soy milk as well and see how she does.

I'm really reluctant to switch off the Pediasure unless it's doing some sort of damage to her throat/teeth spitting up all the time; she's gaining weight well and she's happy otherwise. The vomiting doesn't seem to phase her.

Boy oh boy! Sure hope she grows out of this one! lol
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/17/07 03:21 PM

Yeah, I wonder if they make some sort of soy product or something that's similar to pediasure. You know there's gotta be more kids out there allergic to milk products, who need this stuff.
I hope you find something!
Allergies are a big fat bummer.
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/17/07 04:33 PM

Hey Courtney,

Sorry to hear about Julia's allergy. My oldest daughter was allergic to milk when she was little. Anytime she had anything with dairy in it, she would get very mucusy (sp) and then gag and spit it up. We finally had her tested for an allergy and sure enough she was allergic. She was also allergic to Soy and peanuts, it seemed at the time she had all the same allergies that I had, and she didn't even have any form of ich. Anyways, we put her on rice milk and she did fine with that. We didn't give her any type of dairy until she was four years old, and by then she had grown out of the allergy. I would think that soy would be the next best option before rice milk. And I know that they do make soy yogurt and soy cheese, and soy ice cream, etc.
Keep us posted on what you find that works.

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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/17/07 10:39 PM

Braeden too is allergic to milk, His lips will swell and he says his throat feels funny if he has anything with milk in it. Whey and cassinate are the other big ingrediants that we also have to watch for. Sometimes I can use things that have Whey though. When he was little we went from Neocate to Soy milk and he loved it. They make sooo many things now with soy its unbelievable.Only thing that stinks is it so expensive. They have chocolate milk and ice cream and well you name it comes it soy. He tried the yogurt he didnt like it though (hes very picky ). Hopefully this is Julias only allergy. Take care !!!!
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/18/07 02:23 AM

Alex loves all the soy stuff I get him, especially the yogurt. I found that he ate it better when I mixed it with the soy milk and make it into something like a soy milk shake.

Good luck

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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/18/07 03:29 AM

well me (who has ehk) and both my kids who are unaffected all are allergic to milk and wheat.. grocery shopping has gotten really difficult. While my children were infants they were put on soy milk.. we are still supposed to be but its too expensive... so we manage on lower doses and watered down milk.. yum.. not really.. well i was wondering if it has to do with the ichthyosis or not.. and if my kids are not affected by ichthyosis then why are they allergic to milk and wheat? just curious.. thank you
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/18/07 11:37 AM

My brother who has x-linked is also allergic to milk. He is also allergic to soy. So he had goats milk as a baby. When he has cows milk his tongue will peel, it is a very strange sight.
I am pretty sure that I am lactose intolerant. It makes me feel so sick when I drink it. And I can't stand the smell of milk. I can't tell when milk is off because it always smells so bad to me.

Isn't it strange that so many of us are affected.

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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/18/07 03:16 PM

That is odd! I wonder if there's a link. I have no idea where it would be though lol

Luckily the soy test turned up fine for her, so I guess that's what we're going to be pursuing. I'm trying to get her ped. to give us a prescription for an additive called Duocal, it's something like 40-60 calories/tbspn, and you can add it to anything. So if I add it to all of her solids, it might make an impact on how many cans of Pediasure she needs to take a day. We bought soy milk for her also, but it's only 80 calories/8oz., but if we added the Duocal, that'd make it 140 calories! I'm also trying to get her a prescription for an appetiite increaser (something like Megace or Periactin).
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/20/07 01:18 AM

Nathan my 8 year old non-ich child has a severe milk allergy. His lips swell & esphogus closes.
Her throat and esphogus will get raw from throwing up. It sounds like a milk protein
intolerance which means her body can't tolerate or digest the protein enzyme in milk

There are soy based drinks like the Pediasure.

I will research and post the name of it for you.

Allergies stink [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/frown.gif[/img] We have them on both sides so my kids are in the same boat.


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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/20/07 01:56 AM

Thanks! That'd be fantastic if you know of something similar to Pediasure. You'd think they'd make a milk-free form, milk allergies are sort of common!
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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 03/24/07 01:37 AM

Sorry for the late post.

Here is one I found.

There is more [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img] Let me know if you need more.

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Re: Julia's first allergy!! :( - 04/08/07 02:53 AM

My son has ichthyosis & eczema and a milk allergy too. There must be a link.