Rashies/Summer Sun Protection?

Posted by: sideshowbob

Rashies/Summer Sun Protection? - 03/11/07 10:47 PM

I'm trying to find a UV 40 to 50 shirt for our daughter for this summer. All of the ones I've found are long sleeve and look like they are designed for swimming in cold water. Does anyone know where to get a very lightweight UV protective shirt for extremely hot summers (it gets over 100 here in August). Thanks!
Posted by: libby

Re: Rashies/Summer Sun Protection? - 03/11/07 11:35 PM

My daughter lived in her rashguard shirt last year, although hers was worn mostly in the water! She did not complain at all about the fact that they were long sleeved. Actually she loved not having to slather sun screen on!!

We have found them @ LL Bean, Lands End, and Garnet Hill Kids. I am just about to order 2 from LL Bean and 1 from Garnet Hill!

Posted by: sideshowbob

Re: Rashies/Summer Sun Protection? - 03/12/07 01:30 AM

Thanks Olivia, I ordered her two from Lands End. They had some really cute ones, and I'm hoping she can stay cool in them. Summer scares me so much...