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504 plan for school - 05/09/06 06:08 PM

Last week the temp here was hot, and with hot weather as many of us know comes the problem with over heating. Well any ways last week Ryley was out at recess and started to get to hot. When she asked the principal if she could go in and get her water to cool down the principal told her no there was only 15 min of recess left and to sit in the shade. I called the school and had some choice words for the principal and asked why her medical plan was not being fallowed. She didn't have much of an answer, so I told her we did things her way and now we are doing them mine and we are getting a 504 plan for Ryley. She said that the district decides if Ryley is able to have one, so after all my rambeling my question is this. Has anybody gone through the process of a 504, how did it work and did they grant you one for your child? I hope this all makes sense and am thankful for any imput.

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Re: 504 plan for school - 05/09/06 07:56 PM

There is no decision by anyone but you to get a 504 plan started. I have one in place for my son for his diabeties, skin and behavioral issues. I just meet with the teacher, nurse and principal every year and write it up. It includes always having water at hand, a tester (for diabeties) in the class room, and the use of the nurses bathroom at any time. Try to find someone in the school system that will help you with what steps to make that meeting happen. If you still have problems, my mom is a school counselor in an elementary school and I can ask her which type of meeting to call that the principle will react to. The name is just slipping my mind right now. Initially for me though it was the school nurse that helped the most with getting the plan in place.
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Re: 504 plan for school - 05/10/06 12:04 AM

HI. I do believe that the principal was correct that a committee decides if a child is elegable (sp?) for a 504. But as I understand as long as there is a medical need that interfers with their learning, you can get one. For example, a child has issues with their eyes. You can't see; you can't learn. Ichthyosis I believe would fall into that category. If you are overheating and will need to be in the nurses office or worse, you are not learning. You have to apply cream or your skin will crack and bleed impeding writing, not learnnig. They have to do something in regards to meeting the needs of your child. Just not sure if 504 is the avenue. I will ask at school. Severe food allergies do not get a 504 but would impact learning if exposed. This goes through the nurse and a plan of action is established. You may need to try that avenue if they are being difficult. But again I will ask for you. Good luck.

This isn't the nice thing to do, but when your child is involved the nice thing isn't always in the best interest of the child. You could tell the school the accomadations that are needed and if the needs are not meet contact the local paper. Usually the paper has a personal interest section and I am sure they would be more that willing to do a write up on how your child is being treated. Also, contact the superintendent and let him/her know exactly how you were treated. Believe it or not that works wonders and usually the princiapl will step up to the plate and do what needs to be done.

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Re: 504 plan for school - 05/10/06 01:15 AM

With my son, the staff at his new school actually suggested doing a multifactored evaluation. That is done to determine need for possible special education. We did it partly because he was struggling with academics which was later diagnosed as ADD and he is now being medicated. They were also concerned with him overheating, etc. We did a mulitfactored evaluation for him. He would have qualified for special education services as other health impaired. We declined services though and wrote a 504 plan. I think the other advisors are right, while it is a team decision, you are the scariest member of the team and if you push for it, there shouldn't be any problem. Unfortunately, you may have to push. You might do some research on your State Department of Education web site. I'm sure that will lead you in directions to help inform you of your rights. Knowing those, gives you ammunition if you have to battle.
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Re: 504 plan for school - 05/10/06 03:26 AM

We hae had the same medical plan in place for the last 3 years, but this year they have done nothing that was agreed to. I would think that because she gets SSI and was found disabled by the state that they would just let her have a 504, but that would be to easy I guess. My kids are out of school in 2 weeks, so it is to late to get one for this year, but I am planning now for next year. Poor Ryley was in tears she was so hot. I send her with water her cooling vest and other things she needs, but the school is not letting her get them and use them when she needs them. I have just started telling her to just go in the school and get it even if they tell her no. I am sure the principal already hates me, but all well. Thanks for the advice and help, I knew you guys would have great ideas.

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Re: 504 plan for school - 05/10/06 04:03 PM

If Ryley is going to be in the same school building and the same administration next year as this year, I would start putting things in place NOW. Don't delay. It takes a while to get the 504 plan all done and it will be hot when she goes back in the fall also. If you get it in place now, hopefully the beginning of next year will start more smoothly than this year ended.
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Re: 504 plan for school - 05/10/06 06:24 PM

You know...this is may sound extreme and I don't know if it is a possibility for you or not but have you considered homeschooling her? This is the exact reason (among a few others) that we have decided to homeschool our three children. I was so afraid that if I sent Cade and Leah (my two with Lamellar) to school that there would be a teacher who wouldn't notice them overheating or that they would not get their skin care as needed. Another reason we are homeschooling is because Cade and Leah get sick so easily and when they get sick, their skin gets worse. If we send Grey to school then he will bring home illness to the younger two. Not to mention that I don't want Cade and Leah to think that they are being kept at home because they should be ashamed of their skin...that has nothing to do with our decision. I felt homeschooling was best suited for us with our situation. Of course it is not for everyone and in some families it is not even a possibility if both parents work. I can't imagine what I would do if a teacher or a principal put my child in danger like that (the word lawsuit comes to mind LOL). A child should not have to beg for basic needs...even if those needs are a little above what is usually required. If you want more information about homeschooling feel free to contact me. We will not officially begin until the fall but I have done a great deal of research and I may be able to point you in the right direction. We plan to put our children in activities with other children their age group so that they get the socialization so there is a way that your daughter could still be in contact with her friends without putting her health and life in great danger. Best of luck with whatever you do!!!
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Re: 504 plan for school - 05/11/06 12:36 AM

There is a website called wrightslaw.com that you might check out for info on getting schools to implement 504s or IEP's.

We got our derm and physician to write very specific notes as to what the school must do. Which made them hop to a bit faster that my insisting it needed to be done.