Finally some good news to report!

Posted by: CShell

Finally some good news to report! - 05/08/06 09:39 AM

Julia weighed in today at 6lbs 12oz!!!!! That is WAY more than she's weighed in awhile...seems that she's been stuck at 6lbs 4oz for decades. She hit 6lbs 10oz awhile ago, and then dropped back down to 4oz when she grew in length. She's been gaining steadily since last Monday (the 1st), so it's frustrating b/c I have no clue if it's the NG tube feeding, or just her FTT starting to go away. Last night we didn't do the tube b/c we only had one left and can't get more til tomorrow (problem with the delivery company) and she gained 2oz on just breastfeeding. Ugh.

Anyway, thought I'd post something positive, after all the venting I've done in the past few weeks! [img][/img]
Posted by: dpatock

Re: Finally some good news to report! - 05/08/06 09:13 PM

That is SO GREAT!!! Congratulations. Every little bit helps a ton, so you must be pleased!