skipping the bath?!

Posted by: Evan's Mommy

skipping the bath?! - 04/26/06 01:57 AM

Hi All..

We recently took a mini 3-day vacation and while we were dilligent about keep Evan's skin moisturized (he is a 10mo with Palmar plantar EHK), we were a bit more relaxed about his baths. He went swimming in a pool on Wed PM and then we did not do the bath routine again until Saturday morning. We did moisturize him in the morning & evening. He gets Ulta Healing Curel on most of his body, olive oil in the groin area and Aquaphor on his hands and feet. Dare I say it but his skin seemed slightly better than usual. It was much less red and he definitely had fewer blisters.

Any thoughts or experience would be gretly appreciated.

Posted by: Hearsay

Re: skipping the bath?! - 04/26/06 12:55 PM

With our version of EHK, skipping a bath means misery - itchy, dry skin, flaking, and a keratin/bacteria smell. Nathan (3) usually starts scratching himself until he bleeds.

On the other hand, the days when we skip a bath means that the next day's bath is REALLY productive in getting excess skin off.

We have ichthyosis-en-confetti. It's a full-body EHK that doesn't blister except in infants.