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Posted by: Julia's Grandma

Oprah Show - 03/09/07 02:42 AM

I saw this posted in the General Discussion group, and wanted to make sure everyone saw this. Apparently Oprah is doing a show on skin care. Lots of people from this board are writing in to tell about ichthyosis and their experience with it and to ask for Oprah to bring attention to it on her show. I just wrote something about my granddaughter, Julia. Come on, grandparents, this is an easy one. I think the hope is to bombard them with stories about ichthyosis. If you want, go to the General Discussion group for more info. Visit this link and fill out the form...let's see if we can't get a feature about Ichthyosis!!!!

Posted by: Nana-1

Re: Oprah Show - 03/10/07 08:34 PM

I just submitted our story - Hope all other grandmas do the same. Edie
Posted by: LaurensGrandMa

Re: Oprah Show - 03/26/07 01:50 PM

I have just posted on the Oprah website also I know I have been away from the "Grand" group for a while but am always here in my heart.
Posted by: tamilynn

Re: Oprah Show - 10/07/07 03:43 PM

I was just recently able to register...but I am so excited so many have responded to Oprah. I would just love to be able to help get more awareness out there for our grandbabies. When you are asked so many questions and people just look @ you like..Huh! It gets very frustrating!

Zoey's grammy