Posted by: Abbey's mom

lazy - 08/04/11 12:14 PM

My daughter Abbey is 13 and getting her into the tub is a pain because she doesnt want get in and having to remind her to put cream on is also getting hard. Any idea's what else I can do? We live in Alaska where it is hard to get what she needs.
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: lazy - 08/06/11 07:15 PM

I've heard SEVERAL people talk about that issue at right around that age. Every time, though, it's a boy!

Have you ever let her skin go and let her see how bad it can get? Peer pressure will likely help a lot come school starting. Another possibility is have someone that isn't mom talk to her about it. A lot of kids that age will listen to their doctor or teacher or a friend's mom when their own mom just isn't cool enough anymore.

It's a fun age. I used to teach that age, and I promise, they outgrow it if you don't kill them first!
Posted by: Chiranjeevi

Re: lazy - 03/22/12 08:51 AM

It would be better if you go for natural products...
Posted by: Alfred12

Re: lazy - 05/31/13 01:50 PM

Sometime teens face this type of thing,You should try to get a good remedy for that so it can help you.Make her a bit active and try to focus on the diet shes taking don't let her eat a lot of unnecessary fats/calories in terms of junk food.
Posted by: Derydeartact

Re: lazy - 08/23/16 04:39 PM

so, she's lazy or she's in pain? I really hate that nobody is never updating here...
Posted by: stkacljm

Re: lazy - 08/31/16 05:07 AM

I know when I am feeling dry and yucky, my skin is thirsty for water and/or cream. Sounds to me like she is just being thirteen, ie...lazy.
Posted by: Derydeartact

Re: lazy - 09/02/16 11:02 AM

being 13 doesn't make you automatically lazy.... IMO