Aspirin = Salicylic Acid

Posted by: cfeazell44

Aspirin = Salicylic Acid - 04/23/13 01:57 PM

Please google Dr.Oz/Crushed Aspirin/Lemon Juice and research for yourself. You can make your own skin softening salicylic acid treatment out of aspirin for pennies at home. I have used it on my face and my skin is so soft. After suffering 44 years with LI and all of the expensive treatments, this will be my weekly routine.
Posted by: cfeazell44

Re: Aspirin = Salicylic Acid - 04/23/13 01:59 PM

Putting the homemade treatment in your shampoo and letting it soak for a couple of minutes will help with dandruff.
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Re: Aspirin = Salicylic Acid - 04/29/13 04:01 AM

You do need to be careful with the concentration, however. Salicylic acid can cause salicylate poisoning, which can cause nausea, weight loss. deafness or ringing in the ears, and after 12 hours can cause seizures and potential brain damage and death. Any concoction with salicylic acid should only be used as a wash or topically on necessary spots, not slathered on as a lotion.