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Dairy - 04/21/09 04:53 PM

Hi all

I am new to this site and have been doing my best to ignore my condition of hereditary ichthyosis, but as the years are going by it seems to be getting worse.

I went to see an alternative therapist and she recommended that I try going 6 months without any dairy because there was a possibility that the roots of the disease are in my gut.

Has anyone else heard or been recommended this form of treatment?

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Re: Dairy - 04/23/09 07:45 AM

Hi Guy, yes I have heard this. We recently went to see a doctor that specializes in a natural approach to treating skin conditions. He suggests that the foods that you need to eliminate from your diet are based on your blood type. For Brandyn (A negative), this is yeast, tomato, alcohol (although he's a bit young for that anyway!)and few others I can't remember off the top of my head. Since Brandyn is very young, I feel that it isn't very fair for me to completely elimate these things and that is something he can choose to do more dilegently as he gets older but it's definitely an interesting concept. We have been using this doctor's creams and oils as well and they seemed to be lightening his scales until we had to stop due to an infection (not related).

Hope that helps smile
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Re: Dairy - 04/23/09 11:26 AM

There was a doctor in Seattle who once told me that he could "cure" my skin by a rigid diet and extensive vitamin therapy. Essentially, it was what any "diet guru" might tell you, i.e. no refined sugar or flour, etc. The number of pills I would have to take a day was a lot, something like a dozen. Suffice it to say, as a teenager, I was unwilling to give up pizza and junk food and never tried it.
I do know that when I find something that works, like flax or a new soap or lotion, it only works for a while and then it just kind of fades away. The stuff that DOES work is plain old fashioned work. Long soaks in a tub with just a little bath oil and then a good pumicing or the old standard of a good long sweat.
I will say this, if you have a diagnosis of Ichthyosis, the roots of the disease are in your DNA, not your gut. Diet or supplements might improve the appearance, but they won't make it disappear. If you can live without dairy, give it a try and see if it improves but don't expect a miracle.
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Re: Dairy - 04/25/09 11:36 AM

Hi Glori, I hope I didn't give the impression that this would "cure" ichthyosis. The specialist that we saw, who actually sounds very similiar to the one you referred to, states very clearly that his methods don't cure ichthyosis as that isn't possible. Having said that, I guess it's just another treatment to try if you know what I mean. Didn't mean to be misleading!

Anyway, I figure that there is no harm to try everything once (as long as it's safe obviously) and at least be able to say yes this works, no this doesn't and check it off the list.

Take care smile
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Re: Dairy - 04/27/09 05:11 PM

We were told to take our boys off dairy and to try rice milk. They got used to it after a while, but it looked like really watery mild. We also had to watch their sugar intake and used sugar free peas/beans etc. Can't say it made any improvement.

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Re: Dairy - 05/01/09 01:55 PM

Alex is on a dairy and soy free diet, not for the icthyosis but becasue he seems to be intolerant to it. Both my kids are and Lizzie doesn't have icthyosis. It has not helped with his skin at all, in fact this past winter when we have been the most strict about his diet, his skin has been the worst. I would guess that at least in our case, it has no affect, bad or good.
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Re: Dairy - 05/11/09 08:55 PM

You have to be really careful with a lot of these alternative health practices. Too many of them are out to make a buck with their miracle treatments and pseudoscience (quack!) theories over giving you something that will actually help.

Ichthyosis is a problem in your DNA. Diet will NEVER cure it, although it is possible that some things with alleviate or aggravate the skin.

The blood type diet is one of the biggest crocks I've come across. Blood cells carry oxygen. Everything else is carried in the plasma. Blood type is a small protein on the surface of your cells. No matter your blood type, changing your diet will not affect the blood cells for better. In fact, avoiding certain foods is far more likely to CAUSE problems than to fix them. This is right up there with bowel cleansing and magic fruit juices and chelation therapy.

If you have a real reason to avoid something like dairy or soy, by all means, do so, but ichthyosis by itself cannot be cured by diet.
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Re: Dairy - 06/15/09 04:48 PM

My sister is a non-dairy fanatic. She sees a specialists that says all medical problems stems from dairy. Sort of puts me off, but some of the information she has makes sense. She's my sister, so I put up with her ha ha. I did take my son off of milk and his rashes reduced tremendously. But it didn't help his flaking skin or anything. At first, we kept him away from all dairy products, but since the change was minor, he only drinks soy milk now, but I let him have the regular baked products; and occasionally cheese, yogurt and icecream.
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Re: Dairy - 07/30/09 03:15 PM

I have to agree and disagree with many points in this discussion. First of all, none of us "need" dairy in our diets. Milk is for baby cows not humans. Humans are the only mammals who continue to ingest milk after infancy and it isn't even from our own species! Read the Dr. Kradjian letter on the notmilk website and you'll probably never drink milk again once you find out the "allowable" amount of cow urine, puss and antibiotics that are in it. Here's a link. http://www.notmilk.com/kradjian.html A couple years back I completely quit dairy and breads and extremely acidic meats like pork and shellfish, which is basically a modified "eat right for your blood type diet" for type O blood except for the acidic meat part. I mainly quit dairy to support my wife who was plagued with bronchitis and/or pneumonia at least 2 or 3 times a year. After quiting all these products and primarily eating meats and veggies I lost about 20 pounds, the constant pain I was in from skeletal damage from retinoids was cut in half and I haven't had to take an antacid in 2 years which I used to eat like candy. My wife hasn't had bronchitis or pneumonia since. However, none of this helped my skin one bit. I believe the blood type diet works for losing weight, easing digestive problems, lowering blood sugar levels and relieving arthritic symptoms. Different foods effect people differently, there is no denying that. In my personal experience eliminating dairy didn't help my skin one bit but it did alleviate other health problems. I'd still recommend reading the letter at the link I posted.
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Re: Dairy - 10/17/09 10:08 PM

In my home country (Norway)we consume more milk than in any other countries on the face of the planet. And still we also have the highest number of osteoporosis cases in the world. This has always seemed like a paradox to me. When I saw a doctor in a special clinic (doctors with an holistic approach) because of digestion trouble, she told me to cut the milk along with a lot of other products (intolerance for almost 40 products). "Go green" with wheat grass powder, vegetables, LOTS of probiotic, lots of water every day etc. Afther four months on a ridgid diet my skin (ichtyosis) looks better than it has for almost four decades. Even the level of calsium, witch first fell a little (for a month or two) is up on a all time high. The doctor said that was a common reaction. Drop the milk and eat vegetables worked for me! I searched the net for an explanation when I noticed that my skin was so much better. I found an other woman in Norway who had psoriasis and had gone through a diet simular to mine and cured herself of her psoriasis.
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Re: Dairy - 11/11/09 08:17 PM

Your problem might not be the milk so much as the vitamin D. Norway is so far north that you might not have enough sunlight to make adequate vitamin D. You need vitamin D to absorb the calcium in the milk, where calcium in vegetables is absorbed more readily.
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Re: Dairy - 01/07/10 12:28 PM

There is aLOT of literature about how dairy leeches calcium from your bones (Australia too is a large consumer of dairy and has very high occurrences of osteoporosis and no lack of sun!) and is linked to many cancers! Yep, cows milk is meant for calves.