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AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/19/05 10:31 AM

Hello Friends,

Has anyone tried out AUT ?
I came across Ichthyosis for the first time 2 months back.
Being a person who has self cured myself of many itching moles spread throughout torso and neck region and also primary fibrosis of mouth and also host of other problems, I am interested to know if AUT will work on Ichthyosis.
Interested people can exchange mails with me.

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Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/19/05 11:33 AM

I assume that you're talking about putting your own urine on your skin?

Well, uric acid is found in a lot of the products that some of us use, so ostensibly, it should help people that respond to the salicylic acid or lactic acid. The big problem is that the quantity varies with your level of activity and the length of time between urination and the amount of liquid you ingest.

There isn't much in urine that will hurt someone. However, the whole point of the kidneys is to eliminate excess acids, so drinking them again pretty well defeats the purpose and makes the kidneys work harder.

This is another one of those techniques where the information available is a combination of truth and absolute BS.

Urine is sterile: true. The bacteria is introduced from the skin and it travels slowly up the urethra. Flushing urine out for the first second or two is sufficient to get a mostly sterile sample, unless you have a UTI.

Urine provides nutrients: Well, yes and no. If there are vitamins and minerals in your urine it is because your body has too much of them already in the system. If you re-ingest them by drinking urine, what do you think the body is going to do with them?

Urine cures disease (flu, AIDS, allergies, snake venom, etc) and increases sperm counts and increases pregnancy: Um. No. It doesn't.

Here's a link on the subject:

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Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/19/05 11:53 AM

Have you ever tried AUT yourself ?
If yes, then your reactions may be of interest.
If No, then it is pure BS.

AUT is practiced by drinking, topical application and smelling.
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Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/19/05 06:44 PM

Would you like to provide some evidence to the contrary of what I posted? I would love to see the science that backs up your claims.

Please don't tell me that my 11 years of physiology training is pure BS unless you can back up your own claims.

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Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/20/05 12:11 AM

Dear Hearsay,

You speak of 11 years training only. Have you any AUT experience?
What you speak and write is what you read and learnt from your teachers.
What I claimed is what I practised.
If you want proof which is documented, please visit any AUT site by typin in google.
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Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/20/05 12:33 AM

Did that. I saw lots of claims of what it is supposed to do, but utterly no mechanism to back it up. If it cures dysentery, HIV and malaria, as is claimed, how come most of Africa and the Indian subcontinent still lose millions of people each year? Why isn't this common knowledge in your part of the world.

Given that I understand the underlying mechanisms for generating sperm, could you add to that understanding how urine would impact its production? HOW does it make you more likely to get pregnant? None of that is answered on any of the top Google hits. Documented in a published journal? Nope, not there, either. Where should I look?

Two things that are unexplained:
1. If the kidney's purpose is to maintain homeostasis by eliminating excesses and waste products, how exactly are you helping yourself by reintroducing the excesses and waste?

2. How is urine better than a balanced diet? Can't you get calcium just as easily from broccoli and milk? Can't you get potassium from bananas? And why, exactly, would you want to reingest urea?
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Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/20/05 01:51 AM

I agree w/ Hearsay. No way in Hades am I gonna drink, smell, or wear my own or anyone else's excrements! There's a reason why it's called human WASTE!
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Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/20/05 03:26 AM


What makes you think that present day SO CALLED modern medicine has understood what is there in nature completely ?
A science which has still not understood how Aspirin works cannot claim to know all answers.
If such was the case, why should modern medicine fall back on traditional native therapy like "Termite mound earth" and Termite soldier's application therapy to heal wounds.
And what about fly worms to treat rotting flesh in diabetic and other patients?
I have not yet touched upon leech/bee stings therapy.
My question in opening this topic was simple.
Has any one tried AUT ?
And mind you this thread is about alternative therapy.
Ridiculing any treatment which is followed for thousands upon thousand years cannot and will not serve any purpose.
Mao ze Dong has said,
"To destroy a system, first know the system"
Savy ?

And what makes you say that urine is a waste product ?

Just because some myopic doc says that ?
Come on....give me some thing better.


It is your choice.
I would however request you to read as much as possible on AUT.
Posted by: Nichiro

Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/20/05 03:29 AM

I thought that people would like to know what magic is there that at the age of 56, my facial skin is fresh like some 30 year old guy ?
And my body skin is as taut ?
My wife who is a younger to me by an year already sports wrinkled skin under the chin.
And has loose skin on hands etc which show wrinkles .
Posted by: Nichiro

Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/20/05 03:06 PM

I am posting some links selected at random for you all to just read and know about AUT.
Posted by: immystique

Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/21/05 12:56 AM

i didn't mean to upset you or anything, but some things work for some & don't work for others. Just like "modern" medicine. All of us w/ ichthyosis have been "guinea pigs" for so long, eager to find new things that we become skeptical after a while, especially for those w/o ichthyosis claiming to have found the "perfect cure."
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Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/21/05 02:36 AM

Thanks for your sensible posting.
I know about your problem and I also know what it means in psychological , social and personal terms.
I also , am aware that you are treated as Guinea pigs.
This is exactly what I wanted to stress.

I always believe that God first creates a solution and then creates a problem and not vice versa.

This body condition (I don't call it a disease as it is not a disease) calls for taking things in own hands.
God in his wisdome has given us abundant healing powers.
I am requesting people tostop treating modern science as KNOW ALL science.
A multy billion dollar industry is at the back of forces to defeat alternative medicines which have seen humanity survive for thousands of years.
Modern medicine came with all the drugs and within a span of less than 70 years, human body has become immune to any further modern medicine.
The result is AIDS this condition has more to do with modern medicine (Remember Thalidomide ?)than anything else.

"Cure Thyself" must be the Mantra now.
Stop being Guinea Pigs , and start living.
Posted by: Nichiro

Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/23/05 04:09 PM

It is not easy to make a shift in Mindsets and also it is difficult to shift from conceptual thinking.
I am also aware that all of you are watching this topic remaining in background like EYES IN THE JUNGLE.

I also know that it may be a Herculian task for me to even make you ask me questions .
I would therefor start the topic and informations myself giving feedback from patients who have cured themselves of ailments for which there are no medicines or diseases that are difficult to treat.

Since I think that your problem is not a disease, it becomes easier to start a shift in your looking at Ichthyosis as a condition that can be thought to be reversible.(No harm in thinking like that).
A cure starts from thinking positively.

Once you start thinking that way, then next step we will take tomorrow.
I will start with cases/feedback from actual people who took their life in their own hands and cured themselves at "NO COST."

I will not give you false hopes at this stage. I want you to approach AUT with an open mind.
So let us meet tomorrow.
Any reply to this posting ...or no reply. But I will plod on.
Bye beautiful people.
Meetcha tomorrow.

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Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/25/05 04:32 PM

Hi Nichiro
I have been away for a while, so I haven't been able to completely follow this topic, but I was curious for you to explain your assesment that Ichthyosis is not a disease. Any English definition of the word 'disease' seems to indicate that Ichthyosis would be in that category

A pathological condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms.

Just breaking the word of disease up into dis-ease, a state of discomfort, would seem to pass my test.

What is your definition of the word disease? People with ichthyosis would love a "cure" for this disease. I am open to new treatments, but I think we need to approach skin disorders and skin disease as they are, a medical issue.
Posted by: Nichiro

Re: AUTO URINE THERAPY - 07/26/05 03:58 PM


Good. It is good that you have made a beginning.
Curiousness and curiosity is what made human race what it is today.
It is the essence of evolution.Because it is linked to thirst for knowledge.

Do you want to discuss english language or cure ?

When a body is born, it is perfact the way it is. (Generally)
If it is not, it means that something has made a change in the natural process
of being born as all others.
Icthyosis is also same.
A difference in body structure/well being which might have been brought about by alteration of conditions that were there during the stay of foetus in mother's womb is termed as a disease.
This can happen if some allergy inducedside effect of drugs or bacterial/virus infections/chemical reactions are experienced by the mother.

Thus any outside medium affects the child in the womb or after birth means it is an induced disease.Genetic defect, in my understanding is not in either the hands of mother or the father.
Thus Ichthyosis is not a disease but a condition.

A body is a remarkable self healing organisation.Just as a starfish grows back its limb, lIzard getting back its limbs and tail without usage of medicines, a human body has own healing and curing powers.
We may not be able to grow back a limb but we can surely cure ourselves.
Not only us humans but almost all living things have this powers.
We can harness this power by only one method and that is AUT.
Don't think that it is un natural to drink one's own urine.
Animals , especially all mammals except humans at some point in their life regularly drink/lick urine . It may be their own or other same species urine.

Cows are regular users of this therapy. They get rid of stomach and other disorders by drinking fellow animal (Cow's) urine. I have grown up in a small village and I know for sure that this is a fact.

I will just give you my own example now .
For the last two years, I had a problem with my right lower jaw molar tooth problem which was due to weak gums.
The pain was so bad that I had to take AMOXYCILLINE and other pain killers for a long time.
But inspite of the treatment, I could not get well.
My doctor wanted me to get the tooth removed. I did not like the idea.
So tired of all modern medicines, I sought refuge in AUT which I have used off and on for the last ten years now.
I am not over stating but after ten days of regular drinking my first urine , I have absolutely no pain. I have slowly started using my right jaw for masticating food and my happiness no bounds. I am free of the pain and that is most important.
I have used this therapy for many of my ailments including reducing my eyr power from -9,5 and -10 to less than minus 5.5.

My request to you is, read a lot about AUT. First convince yourself positively to learn all about AUT.
And only after that, first try application on just one experimental area like one arm or one leg regularly for say one lunar cycle of 28 days.I am sure, there will be some response given by your body.
If you have questions, let me know.


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