An introductory question

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An introductory question - 06/15/05 10:22 PM

I can't remember how I got here, but it seems to me that this board is related to Ichthyosia. I am not sure what this is but I will do some investigation. In the meantime, I have encountered a new natural fruit drink which is called Xango. It is also the name of the company. Allthough I can not say that there are any medical benefits to Xango, what I CAN say is that I have consumed the product for 3 weeks now and have noticable health improvements of various kinds. The product is about 2-3 years old. It is based on the fruit of the Mangosteen which is a botanical fruit native to southeast Asia. The uniqueness of the fruit is contained in the outer rind of the fruit. The outer rind contains phytonutrients called Xanthones. There are about 200 or so Xanthones in nature and about 43 of those are contained in this one source called the Mangosteen.

Where did I get this info? Mostly from being involved with the company. That being said, there is scientific documentation about the benefits of Mangosteen on pubmed. Search for either Xanthone or Mangosteen.

Why am I posting this here? 1) I am a Xango distributor and I would love to teach anyone who is interested in how to obtain Xango for themselves. 2) I do have a concern for general health and well being for all of mankind and as such I am posting to tell you the reader my latest discovery and experience.

PS: I am glad you have people like Hearsay here to aid in sniffing out bad stuff. I welcome him specifically to verify with his more scientific background as to whether there is benefit to Xango and the mangosteen. I as well would like feedback from his view.

PPS: It sounds as though there are people in this forum from the UK as well as Autralia and I believe Xango is available in both of those regions so far.

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Re: An introductory question - 06/17/05 12:40 AM

If anyone is interested, this plant appears to be in actual use as an antibacterial agent, an antidiarrheal agent, and it also seems to slow certain types of cancers by altering how certain amino acids convert. It also prevents vasoconstriction, which would increase blood flow and decrease blood pressure.

This one may actually have some promise in a lot of areas, but I remain skeptical as to whether it will affect ichthyosis until I do some more research. The abstracts say nothing about how concentrated the product needs to be or the means of application (paste, beverage, in alcohol, etc) that will result in these effects.

I will post more after my children go to bed and I have time to look around some more.

BTW, I'm a girl. [img][/img]

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Re: An introductory question - 06/17/05 01:36 AM

Whee! Someone did my homework for me!
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Re: An introductory question - 06/17/05 08:14 AM

Sorry about the gender mistake. Yes I did not post this intending to suggest that it can help Ich directly as I would not know. I did post simply because as a product user myself, I have had several noticable health improvements in the 4 weeks now that I have taken the product.

I drink one ounce 3 times per day with meals which is a dosage considered to be useful for therapy as opposed to preventitive.

Skepticism is good and welcomed. I have no problem with people being skeptical. I simply wanted to share something new to me with others who may have similar needs.

As I previously mentioned, Xango as a product is available in many countries so far and learing how to obtain the product is something I am more than willing to help people learn how to do as the company is using a network model of business to bring the product to market.

Edward Kerrie
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Re: An introductory question - 06/17/05 08:25 AM

By the way, I read that posted link article and allthough very informitive, it does contain a few flaws. My suggestion for anyone researching is to get some info in addition to that first link. If I had made my descision based on this article alone, I never would have decided to try the product. In hindsight, I am happy I didn't encounter this article until after I had taken the product for a week and had already had several health benefits.

Edward Kerrie
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Re: An introductory question - 07/10/05 06:27 PM

From Quackwatch:
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Re: An introductory question - 07/19/05 10:56 AM

If it is of interest to you all, I have heard my fruit seller in Madras always telling me that of you eat Mangosteen in its season even once, you will not fall sick for the year.
May be there is afterall some truth in his statement as I see now.