Penta Water

Posted by: sonia

Penta Water - 06/08/04 01:27 PM

Hi everyone,
I just wondered if anyone has tried drinking Penta water. I've just heard about this in the UK and bought 10 cases as Penta is proven to offer greater intracellular hydration. My daughter is on 1 x 500ml bottle a day but as she only started last week, it's a bit to early to tell whether it is helping. Anyway, if anyone else is or has tried it I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Best regards to all,

Posted by: JoshsMummy

Re: Penta Water - 06/08/04 11:50 PM

Hi there Sonia
My name is Kandice. I live in South Australia and have never heard of this water but I would love to hear more about it.
My son is 9 months old & suffers from an undiagnosed form of Ich. Unfortunately its almost impossible to get Josh to drink water, he weaned himself from the breast at 8.5 months & is now on formula to keep up his liquids & also for the extra nutrients. If there is a water that is more hydrating than regular water I would love to get it for Josh!
I hope your daughter has some benefits from the water soon, may I ask her age & if she has a diagnosis? Im still very much learning about the world of Ichthyosis as I suppose we all are!
Thanks Sonia and good luck!

Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Penta Water - 06/09/04 02:46 AM

As a physiology teacher, I'd have to say that the Penta Water claims are completely absurd.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, here's slightly disjointed link on the subject:

water is water is water. Don't waste your money.

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Re: Penta Water - 06/09/04 04:28 PM

Hi Kandice,
The website in the US is You could contact them and ask if they ship internationally. Actually, I gave my daughter Aiesha a clustered water product last year but I she didn't really take it enough for me so see any result (assuming there was going to be one). I've also stopped trying different remedies as with each product, hopes would be raised and then dashed - hence it was psychologically damaging. The only reason I have tried this water is because Aiesha already drinks around 3/4 litres day.
Anyway, good luck!

Best regards,

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Re: Penta Water - 06/13/04 01:50 AM

AMEN ! I completely agree with Hearsay...
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Re: Penta Water - 08/16/04 10:22 PM

Holy Cow! I saw a case of Penta water today at the whole foods market. It was $30 for a 24 bottle case, the same size as any other case of water. What's even more unbelievable is that is was on sale, normally it was $50 a case. Keep in mind I was shopping in a Manhattan Beach health food store, but $50 a case, WOW.
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Re: Penta Water - 12/27/04 07:24 PM

This is in reference to molecular clustered water. Clustered Water (not specifically Penta) in the recent years has received some attention throughout the research community. You'll find the article written by the well meaning, uninformed doctor was written before most of the info on clustered water was published. In fact these studies on water channels in cell membranes won Peter Agre the Nobel Peace Price in Chemistry for 2003. Do more research before discounting the ideas of visionaries. "Miracle drug"? Maybe not, benificial, most definitely.
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Penta Water - 12/28/04 05:30 PM

This site:

was put up BY PETER AGRE HIMSELF. There are links to an article in Science Magazine on this very topic.

Water is water is water is water. There is NO SUCH THING as clustered water.

Peter Agre's research is on pores in the cells that differentiate how much water a cell takes in and how quickly the cell absorbs water. Plain old tap water. Distilled water. Any kind of water. Water is water is water after you drink it, anyway. That's the whole point. The body is efficient in figuring out what it needs and what it doesn't. Even if you drink mineral water, the body absorbs the minerals and the water in different places. Buying a fancy product isn't going to change the fact that it is plain old water. You can't buy a product that will change the molecular composition of pores in your cells. If you can, someone ELSE will have a Nobel Prize in chemistry AND genetics!

Posted by: pauline5

Re: Penta Water - 12/29/04 09:51 AM

Hi Kandice. How have you been, hope you had a lovely Xmas with your son?

Listen, I know you welcomed this product because you are finding it hard to get your son to drink pure water, but really the others are right...don't waste your money...

I have found that when I do bother to drink enough water, my skin is sooo soft, on my hands and arms, it is truly amazing, and I HATE WATER ALSO...

how about adding low calorie concentrated cordial to the water, just to take that bland taste away...but don't make it tooo sweat, if you don't want him having too much artificial stuff, just to give the flavoured taste...

See how that goes...
Posted by: rand

Re: Penta Water - 02/01/05 07:16 PM

ē noun>information which cannot be adequately substantiated; rumor.

Do the research before dismissing the benefits of Micro Clustered Water. Several medical physicians I have spoken with recently have done the research and are very excited about the potential of this product. The USA Swim Team will be using and supporting this product. Their executive committee did not sit around the board room looking for the next scam to support.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Penta Water - 02/02/05 02:59 AM

Can you site any of this research? Penta water is made and bottled in Carlsbad not too far from you or I. Although they use their own specially made bottles, they're still flexible plastic, which is arguably cancer causing. You'd think for the price they are charging they'd at least put it in a glass bottle, if your health was their main concern and not $. I'm still open minded, please point me to some research on this. Frankly I find it hard to believe that physicians are doing research on water, thought that was a scientist or chemist area of expertise. Anyway, I'd like to read up on this research, post it when you've gotten your hands on it.
Posted by: Jr88

Re: Penta Water - 02/02/05 04:46 AM

I don't think this debate will ever die...

you can find some people that will swear by one way, others that are on another planet...

here is an interesting site
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Penta Water - 02/02/05 02:25 PM

My choice of user name has no bearing whatsoever on my ability to evaluate science. That is what I am trained to do. I teach physiology for a living. I have a masters degree in physiology. Every 10 week quarter, I spend probably 4 WEEKS discussing how water enters and leaves cells, in what quantities, and the effect on things like blood pressure and viscosity and thirst and urine concentration and volume.

I had no trouble at all pulling up medline/pubmed and looking for an article on clustered water. Would you know, there ISN'T A SINGLE SCIENTIFIC STUDY that supports the claims made by the Penta Water people? The only support I could find for it was from sites that were SELLING the product.

If you want to spend the money on this product, be my guest. More power to you. But I suggest you try this:

Buy the Penta Water and some plain distilled water. Have someone in the house pour one of them each into its own pitcher, labeled A. Have them take the other bottle out of the house so that you don't know which it is. Use A for 2 weeks. Keep the same regimen - if you choose to drink 8oz a day, stay with that. Don't change it. Write down any changes you feel in your body. At the end of 2 weeks, take a week off. Repeat with bottle B for 2 weeks. Write down the changes you feel. At the end of the experiment, compare your notes. Once you feel you have a result - both the same, no effect, A is better or B is better, then have your friend tell you which product was the plain water and which was the Penta water.

You know, I wish there really was some miracle cure out there. I have done some really deep thinking since my son was born with this disorder. I would have them transplant the skin off my back if it would help my son's hands and feet. I would undergo IVF to generate embryonic stem cells so we could grow genetic sibling skin and find the gene that causes our particular disorder so that he won't pass it on to his own children. I would do a lot of things to help him. But I won't waste my money on junk science.

Posted by: oh my gosh

Re: Penta Water - 03/01/05 07:55 AM

Jennifer... before you give out some testing... do some research. I saw this Nobel Laureate, Physics guy answer questions about this on the following webpage... what's your background again?

Most important part to point out... not to be taken like normal water.
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Penta Water - 03/01/05 04:26 PM

sigh...another first time poster.

So the Nobel winning physicist states in your link that water can have a structure. Okay, I can agree with that. Water is unique in that it regularly forms and unforms in various structures. He didn't say anything that isn't common knowledge among scientists.

HOWEVER, that statement does utterly nothing to support the idea that water in a special product will STAY in a particular structure.

HOWEVER, the physicist's statement does nothing to support one other known concept: life has been on this planet and doing just fine for nearly 3 billion years with just plain old water. Our bodies evolved in the presence of normal water. The other Nobel guy, mentioned above, pointed out that our bodies have evolved specific types of pores that control how much or how little water can cross into or out of cell membranes.

And 3rd, once again, you pull your support for this product off of a website that is SELLING it. How is that any different for getting your facts about the Atkins diet or some random diet pill off the website selling it? Do you think maybe that what is posted MIGHT be biased in favor of the product, and not the whole story, and that it MIGHT be an all-out fabrication?

Do your own research. Look through the scientific journal abstracts. There is NOTHING that supports this. Here, I'll get you started:

Just let this product die, already.
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Re: Penta Water - 03/02/05 06:55 AM

I was sitting in a meeting a few days ago when one of the ladies leading the meeting said.. Vitamins are just a waste of time... all the information on the market are from people who are selling it... duh... but isn't that the case when someone invents a product. I am confused by your unwillingness to look at something outside the box... isn't that how new things begin... why not let people try this water and see what happens. I personally know some people who are looking into this technology and testing it. One thing they have said is so far it really works. Do you know anyone that is testing it? please don't take offense, but who gives you the right to say what's good or not?
Posted by: oh my gosh

Re: Penta Water - 03/02/05 07:02 AM

Sorry you got me ramped up...

Sonia... from what I have heard you need to drink it very slow or it won't affect you and you won't notice the benefits. In a few months I should have some more data to give you, that might help your cause. Be patient. Just do not drink the water likes its normal water. Small amounts of hours.
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Penta Water - 03/02/05 07:18 PM

Oh my gosh - I have a few questions for you:

1. What is YOUR background?
2. Since this is the only thread you have posted on, do you actually have ichthyosis, or are you a distributor of this highly incredulous product?
3. Are you a troll?
4. Can you explain to me some of the science that you don't think I understand?
5. Can you explain the difference between pseudoscience and actual science?
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Penta Water - 03/02/05 07:27 PM

By the way, the vitamin lady at your meeting is incorrect. There are lots of scientific studies to be found about the value of nearly all the vitamins and minerals. We for the most part know what they do, what cells they act in, and what happens if there is a deficiency or an overabundance of any given mineral or vitamin.

She is correct, however, that most of the info you can find on vitamins is found on marketing sites.

The difference between a vitamin and this special water is that there is no credible science to back up the claims made by the patent holder. It sounds good in theory, but the reality is that all of the processes they put water through basically gives you distilled water when they are done.

And incidentally, the patent states that they dilute the resulting product by 10 to the 3rd power to 10 to the 20th power before they sell it to you.

So what that means is that Penta water contains between (1/1000 clustered molecules and 999/1000 distilled water) and (1/100,000,000,000,000,000,000 clustered molecules and 99,999,999,999,999,999,999/100,000,000,000,000,000,000 distilled water molecules). So what you spent $50 dollars on is 99.9% distilled water.

More power to you.

Editted to add this link:

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Posted by: open minded

Re: Penta Water - 03/11/05 09:22 PM


you must be a real nut cass, to be so closed minded about science and still be a so called teacher.
What exactly are you teaching children??
how to be a good little socialist and do not try or look at anything else that might work?
You claim to have knowledge and are hammering people about h2o6 yet you have no supporting evidence about it?
I really feel sorry for your (probably Democrat) thoughts and the fact you arfe affecting children in the USA and the world.
Since you are probably divorced or on 2 or more marriages at this point, take some time off and get your own life in order before you start screwing up visionaries!
H2O6 is a real thing and for those of you getting ready to try it or use it, you will see a difference!
There is supporting sites and medical facts concerning cell hydration.
as for hearsay-- he probably doesn't think we went to the moon either> LOL
Weight loss, better health, and increased awareness is some of the benifits.
Just remember you have to flush your toxins and drink according to the instructions.
I do not drink Penta, I drink another brand. They all are about the same instructions though, small amounts every 20 minutes or so for 2-3 days to initially hydrate yourself then a routine according to your activity level.
Hey Teach why don't you next try and let everyone know about h3o since you are so "UP" on water. explain the benifits and downfalls to this and if it "really" exists?
sorry for the teacher!

All things are possible with GOD!
Posted by: anti-hearsay

Re: Penta Water - 03/17/05 05:09 PM


I will answer for you since it seems to be something you enjoy doing: Yes, I'm a first time poster, or whatever you call it.

I just heard about this Penta water from a friend here in town and I did a search, which directed me to this forum.

I think this is a discussion board, and not a "boast that I'm more intelligent (even though you didn't directly say it), because I'm a physiologist, not doing any research to back my claims" board. You may complain that I am displaying an attitude, but I'm just reciprocating what you have demonstrated to everyone on this page.

I haven't done enough research at the moment to make a statement on what I believe is the credibility of this water. I think it would be interesting to actually do a double blind study on human subjects. That is probably the only way to tell. Your suggestion of the two week A water/B water test is totally bogus. I think you ought to know better. First of all, the two samples of water would undergo variations in storage conditions. Second the variables under which the subject would be subject would also be variable. Both of these need to be constant to establish any sort of data.

I could go on and on about your posts, but I'll let you reflect a moment on your inability to communicate like a civil human being.
Posted by: sonia

Re: Penta Water - 03/17/05 06:21 PM

Hi everyone,
Just to update - my daughter no longer drinks Penta as she "doesn't like it". She does, however, still drink about 1/2 litre per day of tap or mineral, depending on what is available. So, as I am stuck with rather a lot of Penta, I have been drinking a bottle (sometimes more) a day for the last 3 weeks. I can honestly say that I don't see as difference in either my daughter or myself so who knows for sure if it really works or not. But, having said that, my daughter does look very good but I think that is due to the following daily routine:

Breakfast - a glass of freshly pressed carrot, apple, cucumber, celery, apple, orange and beetroot juice.
Morning shower followed by a spray of 50/50 mixture of glycerine and water (I read someone does this on the bulletin board and it does work wonders), Once this is absorbed we put on either Eucerin or Lacticare and seal it all in with either Epaderm or Palmers Cocoa Butter (the hard stuff in the tub, not the lotion)
Complement this with about 1/2 3/4 litres water throughout the day and my daughter looks an absolute babe!

Anyway, back to the Penta, while I don't want to slate the product I certainly won't be buying any more.

Best regards to all,

Posted by: Connor

Re: Penta Water - 03/17/05 11:43 PM


Im also from UK (Bristol) and also read about the 50/50 glycerin/water mix. As your from UK can you tell me where you got your supplies from?

Posted by: sonia

Re: Penta Water - 03/18/05 10:26 AM

Hi Connor,
The glycerin you can get from any pharmacy (I got mine from the Sainsburys instore pharmacy), I can't remember the price but I think it's onlyt a couple of quid for a medium sized bottle. The plastic spray bottle I got from Superdrug for 75p, quite small so easy to carry around.

Take care,

Posted by: Lisa Marie

Re: Penta Water - 03/18/05 02:53 PM

Open-Minded and Anti-Hearsay,

Since you two are first time posters, you are not aware of both the Dynamic of this bulletin board and the added value Hearsay has given to it.
Firstly, Everyone on this board is here to help each other and support their findings in treating this condition. It is often said that what works for one, may not work for another. People donít bash each other on this board and create names to pinpoint one person (Anti-Hearsay Ö..) Secondly, Hearsay has a terrific grasp on many points of Ichthyosis and has helped many of us understand the genetic side.
Iím sure she can defend herself on this post, but Iíd rather not see people just coming on here to bash other people.
Iím with her in not believing this new water would do anything other than what regular water would do.
Posted by: anti-hearsay

Re: Penta Water - 03/18/05 07:38 PM

Alright. I am aware that I "was" a first timer on this forum. I may not be aware of the "added value" that Hearsay has brought.

Like I said in the first post, I didn't come here because of the illness that should be the topic here. I was doing some research on the water and this was the result that was presented in the search engine.

I just thought I would point out the flaws in what Hearsay had to say about the water. It is obvious that you look up to her. I'm not saying she's a bad person, and maybe she has helped you in other ways. As a scientist, who is probably more qualified to determine the legitimacy of the water that Hearsay, I thought you might want to know when you are being fed b.s.

The clusters that form in water are able to be contolled when you subject it to a certain amount of energy. There are many different types of clusters, each requiring a specific energy to hold the bond (for example a six sided cluster containing 6 water molecules). The problem with the water is that these clusters can only hold the bond for so long, before the cluster breaks down. What I'm researching is if they can preserve the engery long enough for this water to be effective affter it has been bottled. Since energy travels well through water, it is important to purify that water so no other molecules can interfere with the induced bond.

Since I'm not done researching I can't provide a verdict, but as a physiologist (and only reading what you see on the internet), that is not enough to provide anyone with advice about this topic.

Anyway, I'd like to apologize for seeming like I was trying to bash people. I will no longer post here.
Posted by: badscientist

Re: Penta Water - 03/23/05 08:46 PM

Posters may be interested to know:
#1 As of this month (check their website for adjudications) the UKs Advertising Standards Authority has banned Penta from advertising in UK, as the company could not substantiate its interesting and profitable claims.
#2 Surrey County Council Trading Standards Authority are investigating on behalf of a number of Local Authorities in England whether Penta, as currently and extravagantly labelled, should continue to be displayed and sold in Retail Outlets.
#3 Dr Ben Goldacre's Bad Science column in The Guardian at has featured Penta an unprecedented 4 times this year, some of them mentioning the unpleasant and threatening messages which he received after his first article - which was not complimentary about the molecular restructuring claims.
#4 Thats all folks! Peace and love.
Posted by: kjworldwide

Re: Penta Water - 04/07/05 02:11 AM

Sorry I was using the search engine and this came up, I know about penta water and that the concept is actually pretty sound and that similar products have been marketed for a while, Penta however is one the lesser brands, it has only a two week shelf life. Another brand that is similar with a longer shelf life is called H206 water and has been around for a little while. However the company that previously marketed and distributed it was bought out and the new company is pantenting a new product that will follow the same concept. From what I understand it will retain the same name. if you would like more info please email me at
Posted by: invisible

Re: Penta Water - 04/14/05 09:55 AM

Is there any way by which i can make sure that my IV won't be transferred to my kid ...
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Penta Water - 04/14/05 01:06 PM

Originally posted by invisible:
Is there any way by which i can make sure that my IV won't be transferred to my kid ...

If you know the gene, you can do IVF/PGD and screen out the embryos with the disorder. Or you can do an amniotic fluid test at the end of the first/beginning second trimester, and abort if it is positive. Other than that, I know no way to prevent the gene from being passed on except pure luck. If you don't know the gene, your only option is pure luck or don't reproduce. Sorry.
Posted by: invisible

Re: Penta Water - 04/15/05 08:10 AM

HI Hearsay,

How could i know the gene ... I got it from my mother ...Is these test common? where can it be done ??


Originally posted by Hearsay:
If you know the gene, you can do IVF/PGD and screen out the embryos with the disorder. Or you can do an amniotic fluid test at the end of the first/beginning second trimester, and abort if it is positive. Other than that, I know no way to prevent the gene from being passed on except pure luck. If you don't know the gene, your only option is pure luck or don't reproduce. Sorry.
Posted by: dpatock

Re: Penta Water - 04/15/05 05:42 PM

Hi Invisible,
We just had the gene testing done for our daughter through a company called GeneDX. It is very simple to do through your dermatologist, but it is expensive ($1400 if your insurance won't cover it). We did a test for LI for our daughter. The doctor took a skin biopsy from my daughter (requires 1-2 stitches) and they took cheek swabs of me, my husband, and my daughter. We got the results in ~6 weeks. It will tell you exactly which gene is affected, and it confirmed that my husband and I are both carriers and which gene is "mutated" in us. Hope this info helps. Try your doctor directly. I have the phone number of GeneDX, but it is at work (I am home today). If you would like to speak to them directly, they are very helpful as well. (just let me know, and I can get the number for you)
Posted by: invisible

Re: Penta Water - 04/18/05 04:58 AM

Hi Darcie,

Thanks for your reply! I got IV from my mother, so should we both have to be tested or just mine .... Is it possible to know if the kid is infected or not before the birth??

Originally posted by dpatock:
Hi Invisible,
We just had the gene testing done for our daughter through a company called GeneDX. It is very simple to do through your dermatologist, but it is expensive ($1400 if your insurance won't cover it). We did a test for LI for our daughter. The doctor took a skin biopsy from my daughter (requires 1-2 stitches) and they took cheek swabs of me, my husband, and my daughter. We got the results in ~6 weeks. It will tell you exactly which gene is affected, and it confirmed that my husband and I are both carriers and which gene is "mutated" in us. Hope this info helps. Try your doctor directly. I have the phone number of GeneDX, but it is at work (I am home today). If you would like to speak to them directly, they are very helpful as well. (just let me know, and I can get the number for you)
Posted by: Rusty Matthews

Re: Penta Water - 04/30/05 12:43 AM

I gathered what I know from the people at HydroAnalytics and Hydroneering:
Iím told water clusters are a temporary phenomena and dissipate within 24 hours. If Penta has a permanent cluster, that is not found anywhere in nature. Who says this synthetic cluster is good for you in the first place? No one knows! I, for one, am not interested in making me and my family into guinea pigs IF itís even real in the first place. I do drink microwater which does correspond to water found in rare natural springs like Trinity Springs. I make the water right at home. Until Penta has done some animal or human studies, I figure it could be damaging IF it works and irrelavent if not.