Posted by: Lisa Marie

Silica - 07/18/02 12:33 PM

Does anyone know anything about Silica and if it would work on our skin?
Posted by: Luciana

Re: Silica - 06/24/03 07:53 PM

Hello Lisa Marie,

I take Silica, sometimes in capsules (2 per day) and sometimes it's a kind of balm (15 ml, twice a day). I don't know if it works or not, because I take also 3 capsules per day of borrago oil (latin name), and sometimes I replace one of them by a capsule of salmon oil.
It seem to me that all of that helps a little bit my skin.

If you take Silica, just be careful not to take other medicines at the same time, you have to wait 1 or 2 hours in between.

Did you start to take it? I saw you wrote this post almost one year ago. If the answer is yes, what do you think about it?

All the best,

Posted by: Lisa Marie

Re: Silica - 06/25/03 01:27 PM

No, I never took it. I didn't find enough information on it. Right now I'm just trying to clean up my diet naturally and see if that does anything for my skin.
Posted by: Ellen

Re: Silica - 06/26/03 11:04 PM

Why do you need to take silica separately from other meds? I've been taking it with my morning vitamins every day. Is it ok to do that?
Posted by: Luciana

Re: Silica - 06/27/03 08:03 AM

There was a leaflet with the Silica, and it was written to take it far from other medecines, but I don't know if they meant vitamines too. It seems that the Silica diminishes the medecine effects if you take it at the same time. I'm sorry not being able to help you more, but I haven't other explanation. I'll ask someone at the pharmacy, if there is something new, I'll let you know.

Best wishes to all of you

Posted by: Les Avakian

Re: Silica - 06/27/03 03:42 PM

Hello All
After reading some of your posts, I remember the name of a product one of our member`s sister gave me a few months back. It was called borrage or borage seed and am interested if it comes from the same oil Luciana mentions. Also I have heard very good results in helping vision by using billberry.I think you can purchase it at one of your health food stores.Hope this helps. Take care all and keep up the great posts.
Posted by: Ellen

Re: Silica - 06/28/03 11:13 AM

Borage oil is high in either Omega 3 or Omega 6 fats, the healthy fats. It does help your skin, it is one of the componants of most Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) complexes. I know I was taking the Dr. Atkins EFA last year and it made my skin much nicer. However, there was something in it that triggered bad moods for me, so I stopped taking it. I also can't take soy, evening primrose oil, green tea and a couple of other things for the same reasons. Everybody else I know that takes similar supplements is really surprised at the reactions I had to the supplements, because they are not common side effects.
Posted by: Ellen

Re: Silica - 06/28/03 11:15 AM

Luciana -

Do you remember what brand/manufacturer of silica you were taking, maybe they have a website that has more info on it. I know that none of the supplements or research I have done here (in US) has listed any precautions or side effects.

Posted by: Luciana

Re: Silica - 07/04/03 04:01 PM

Hello Les, Ellen and all of you,

I'm sorry I haven't answered earlier, but my computer broke down. Now I have it again, I can say that the borrago oil I use is certainly the same product that you, Les, spoke about in your post.

Ellen, you're right, there is a website. The brand name of the silica I take is "Silicea by Hübner".
On the site they mention nothing about taking it far from other medecines (as they do in the leaflet with the product), on the contrary they say there is no interaction.... they only say to take it 1 hour far from MEALS. So I don't know what to think now....but I'll go on taking it far from other stuff, just in case it could diminish the good effects of other medication.

All the best,