Efamarine Capsules

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Efamarine Capsules - 08/04/01 04:23 AM

For 2 years I have been taking Efamarine which is a combination of evening primrose oil and fish oil with great results. It acts as an anti inflammatory/pain killer also which is what I was given it for, but found the bonus with the skin.After about a month, my skin started peeling off dramatically. I have lamellar ichthyosis. Asking my pharmacist, she said efamarine is a better source of Omega 3 & 6 and essential fatty acids than Flaxseed Oil as she says that many people do not have the enzyme needed to convert flaxseed oil into essential fatty acids.Efamarine doesn't need this enzyme as the Evening Primrose Oil starts at the 2nd conversion step. Has anyone else tried Efamarine? If you can't get it over there it is available online, email me if you want the details.But certainly my skin is farmore moist and supple than before, a lot less creams/lotions and a lot less scraping off.
The pharmacist had not heard of taking MSM for skin, how many of you have tried it?

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