impressed by your research and quest for more

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impressed by your research and quest for more - 11/03/00 12:24 AM

am really impressed by your knowledge and wish to know more.i have severe cracked skin and scales on my calf and legs and on the upper arm which do not seem to leave even though i use a lot of eucerin,vaseline,mineral oil,cetaphil and almost every other moisturising lotion or cream in the market.
can you suggest something which exfoliates and removes the scale completely.
i would greatly appreciate any advice on bathing or scubbing techniques.
in the uk i used E45 which seemed to do the trick but how can i get it in the usa?
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I've been looking at your posts and you seem pretty frustrated. Please know that we have all felt your frustration at one time or another.

First, all of the creams you mentioned(eucerin, vaseline, cetaphil) are all moisturizers. That is all they do. I used eucerin for 20 years and it never exfoliated or helped remove scales. It only made my skin soft and my scales hard to remove. You may need to use a lotion with an alpha-hydroxy acid(AHA), glycolic acid, lactic acid, or some other exfoliating agent. These help to remove the dead skin cells. For first time users, these products may sting or burn until your skin gets used to it. Whatever lotion you decide to use, choose a small area to apply the lotion to as a test. Sometimes it may take up to 2 or more weeks to see a difference. If a lotion is intolerable or causes redness, you should discontinue use. Some areas of your body(face, groin area) may be too sensitive for them. Also, you may want to check with your dermatologist if you are uncertain of the various lotion. It is all basically trial and error until you can find a product that is right for you.

Please remember, that you may never get rid of your scales completely. Ichthyosis is an on-going disease.

You should browse the products list on this webpage to get some info on ordering and name brands. Some people like using a lotion called Lachydrin. Usually with 12-15 percent lactic acid. I've tried this one and it happens to be too strong for me. Currently, I am using a product called NeuCeuticals Problem Dry skin(PDS) Formula made by Neostrata. It comes in Extra-Strength and Regular Strength. These lotions have glycolic acids. I use the X-tra formula all over except for my face. I've used PDS for the last 3 years and it is working pretty well for me. You can reach the Neostrata Company toll-free at 1-888-437-9598. You can also access the Neostrata web site by clicking the body cream products option on the main web page.

You may also want to check out the posts in "PDS and cold weather" under the General Discussion area. Most lotions(both acidic and non-acidic) do not work as well in the winter for people with ichthyosis. Glori and Laura mentioned using the sauna suit/occlusion method for removing scales. Make sure you read Laura's warning about not using an AHA/acidic lotion when performing occlusion; this is very important.

There is no guaranteed method with this disease. Hopefully, you will come up with the right combination for you [img][/img]

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Hi Jaani,
I've noticed that whenever Aiesha is particularly scaly, I increase her intake of fresh juice (there are separate postings on this). While the scales don't disappear altogether, the whole cycle of scaling and shedding seems to be "speeded up" and Aiesha has more good days than bad. I'm also using Lacticare which is a lactic acid cream, although I think that Nikkster has just answered my question on why it doesn't seem to work very well any more.

Hope this helps.

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