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Fingerprints? - 02/26/08 05:55 PM

Anyone have any problem having fingerprints done?

We had to have our fingerprint clearance cards done last week. I work at Head Start and these cards are a requirement for our child care licensing.

Well, the HR person came in yesterday and told me I needed to re-do mine because my prints couldn't be read by the police department scanner--my hands were too dry.

So yesterday afternoon, I doused my hands in lotion, put on some gloves, and went back to the PD. I took my gloves off, re-filled the paperwork, and the lady came out to do my prints. She commented "Wow, your hands ARE dry, can you put some lotion on to get rid of those cracks?" I told her I already had some on, along with my gloves, so my hands aren't as dry as they usually are, and they can't get any more "moist". The cracks are actually very deep lines and they won't go away.

So the lady at the PD seemed doubtful that they'd be able to read these prints, too. But we'll find out in about a week.

Anybody else have any problems with fingerprinting?
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Re: Fingerprints? - 02/26/08 06:05 PM

When we adopted Miranda, my husband had the same problem - except for his, the cracks were so bad that you couldn't tell them from the fingerprints in addition to the dryness. They ended up having us send for police clearance from every city where he had ever lived and put that in the file instead. It was a pain, though.

Strangely, nobody questioned him when he had them done when he took the Bar.
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Re: Fingerprints? - 02/27/08 07:08 PM

My fingerprints have never been detectable. I've chatted with an HR department or two in the past about it and they treat it as an ADA issue much as they would treat it for someone who say, had been in a fire and no longer had fingerprints.
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Re: Fingerprints? - 02/28/08 04:17 PM

Well, I'm glad to know it's not just me! I felt like such a turd when they told me I have to go have mine re-done!

And I also figured it would be an ADA issue. I figured I can't be terminated just b/c I have undetectable fingerprints. I don't work directly with the kiddos anyway (MUCH kudos to our teachers, I couldn't put up with 18 preschoolers all day long--many with mental/behavioral problems, then go home to my own!). If the prints don't work, maybe I'll suggest to HR that we can do the police clearance thing!