I have severe Ichthyosis - from neck to feet

Posted by: Sunny1983

I have severe Ichthyosis - from neck to feet - 08/24/13 12:55 PM

Hello Everyone
Just came to know about the site and thought of taking some advise. I live in India and am very disappointed.

I have Ichthyosis since childhood. My mom told me that when I was born I had mild ichthyosis and today I am 30 with skin you never wanna see. cry I have visited numerous skin specialist but never got good results. I know it requires time but its very hard to have treatment where results are slow and you don't see the effects of the treatment.
At once doctor gave me steroid which gave me result but had very bad side effect on my skin. Initially, using that lotion my skin became normal like others have. Looking at the skin You cant say if I ever had this problem. But on continuous usage of that medicine costed my skin to be very thin and eventually caused stretch marks on my hands. I can see the vain on hand now. Now I have to go for plastic surgery to hide it.

Any treatment would you recommend that can give me quicker results.
If you want I can post the picture of my skin condition.
Also Does Sauna bath sitting helps in getting the skin normal.
I have never used one. But I am planning to buy one now.

Your suggestions can may be motivate me to get my skin better.

Posted by: Sunny1983

Re: I have severe Ichthyosis - from neck to feet - 08/24/13 01:14 PM

Just wanted to update that I don't know the code of my condition but it looks exactly the same as it appears in Wikipedia when you search for Ichthyosis vulgaris.

Posted by: Kanga

Re: I have severe Ichthyosis - from neck to feet - 08/29/13 12:25 AM

Unfortunately, there is no cure for ichthyosis and the treatment caries greatly depending on which type you have.