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newbie - 05/25/13 02:21 PM

Hi im new to this forum and after massive research on the net I think im 100 per cent I have ichthyosis, areas effected on myself are more or less everywhere the worst parts being my arms and legs, in my childhood I had what you would call normal skin then in my early teens for unknown reasons I developed very very dry flaky skin im now in my 40s, to say this condition is a living nightmare is an understatement and without feeling sorry for myself my life because of it is just a total misery and for what ive read there is no cure for it. im evan to embarassed to go to the doctors about it hence one reason why im on here. ill try and post a pic of my condition shortly
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Re: newbie - 07/26/13 01:54 AM

I'm sorry no one responded to you sooner, but I have to say that you should not be embarrassed to go to your doctor! That's what they are there for and I can assure that someone has some way worse or more embarrassing than you do!
You are welcome to post a picture if that will help, but you really do need a diagnosis from a doctor to know your specific condition and type.
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Re: newbie - 07/26/13 10:16 PM

How odd. I recall answering this post a while ago, and even emailed him because things are so quiet here. I wonder what happened to my post.