Corneal Opacities.

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Corneal Opacities. - 05/30/09 09:23 PM

When my eldest son was 3 he was diagnosed with corneal opacities which were put down to damage caused by numerous maebomium cysts, chronic conjunctivitus and blepharitus. He was very sensitive to light and wore tinted glasses. When he was 7 the eye surgeon said that whatever damage was done is done by the age of 7 and that it was not progressive so she said he did'nt need his glasses anymore. She compared his vision to looking through a lace curtain.

Gary is now 11 and we have'nt been aware of any eye problems. However, 2 weeks ago, I received a very concerned note from his teachers saying that his vision was very poor - this had just come to light while they were bird watching and Gary could'nt see anything unless the binoculars were adjusted to the highest degree which made it impossible for anyone else to see throught them. The teacher compared them to lenses smeared with vaseline and Gary apparently said that he does'nt "see" like everyone else does.

We are waiting for an appointment to see the eye surgeon and I'm very concerned about his sight now. Is this all down to his ichthyosis? Can anyone throw any light on this for me?

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Re: Corneal Opacities. - 06/01/09 11:55 PM

I have Lamellar Ichthyosis and have significant sight issues due to corneal scarring. For the most part this is because my eye lids don't close properly and i don't blink because of it, which essentially means my eyes don't clean themselves and dry out easily. To help I use lacrilube at night and natural tears during the day.

The best way to discribe my vision is that its like looking through a pair of glasses that has been scratched significantly. I can see okay through the scratches, but when strong light sources hit them it flares and can at times be quite blinding. It would also be fair to say that I can not see as far or as accurately as most can, and due to this I no longer drive.

It would be best to wait to see what the doctor says, and go from there, no point stressing until you know what the true situation is.
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Re: Corneal Opacities. - 06/02/09 07:12 PM

Hi Kotik,
Thanks for getting back to me. I can relate to what you're saying because that is how I would have described Gary until the surgeon said things were fine now. She did say at the time though that because of the scarring, that instead of absorbing light, the eyes defract the light which can be very painful. I think that Gary is just so used to "seeing" like this that he does'nt complain and he would have gone on like that if the teacher had'nt twigged it!