Dry Ears

Posted by: Steve M

Dry Ears - 11/09/00 01:17 AM

Hello everyone... Iím Steve, 35 from London UK. I have had this dry ear problem for the last...2 years and its getting worst. I have been to see the doctor a number of times, and to my amazement Ich has never been mentioned.

From what I have read so far it would seem that I have Ich.. Not sure what type...

My ears are dry from top to bottom, including the ear canal. There is also a dry area on both sides of my face between the ear and sideburn. The dryness does look like scaling... I can sometimes pull off whole sections of skin at once..

I use Aqueous cream twice daily.... and this does help...

What puzzles me is that. I reed that people with Ach suffer from birth. Why at 33 did this happen to me?

Over the past couple of week I have been itching crazy over my whole body... i have had a stressful period... is this associated to Ich?

All comments welcome
Posted by: sonia

Re: Dry Ears - 11/09/00 11:02 PM

Hi Steve,
My 5-year-old daughter has lamellar ichthyosis and she has very dry ears. Every night, I add a couple of drops of vitamin E to warm olive oil and then massage it over and around her ears, the skin pratically "drinks" it up and the next day there is always less dryness. I also have to put olive oil into her ears (without the vitamin E) or use a product like Waxsol as the dry skin falls in and mixes with the wax. Once that hardens, she ends up having a hearing problem.
Anyway, try the olive oil treatment every night before bed and in the morning after bathing and see how you get on.
Any probs, let me know.
Good luck!

Posted by: James

Re: Dry Ears - 11/10/00 03:39 AM

i have trouble with dry ears. My ears are dry inside & out .I have to use olive oil to loosen the scales and the slowly the scales loosen and come out. until then i get hard of hearing. I have lamellar ichy also.about once a month my eyes close up.
Posted by: James

Re: Dry Ears - 11/10/00 03:43 AM

soeople don't think i am crazy it was a mistakes my ears close up inside and hard to hear not my eyes. My eyes get red around the eye lids because of the lamellar ichy Try the olive oil in your ears it helps