anyone here from australia???

Posted by: zahra

anyone here from australia??? - 07/18/03 04:53 AM

if you are from australia then i have a couple of questions for you that i would love you to answer 4 me
1.what types of creams are available here over the counter that you think have really worked wonders??
2.What emolients and exfolients would you recommend that are also available here in australia??
thankyou so much!!!
My derm hasnt told me what exact type of ichthyosis i have but he mentioned that it is one of the mild to moderate types of ich
and if you can think any herbal remedies that have helped can you also mention them because for my skin herbal is sometimes better than expensive brands in the drug stores that usually irritate or burn my skin leaving it red!

Thanks again
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Re: anyone here from australia??? - 07/26/03 11:45 AM

I have an 11 yr old daughter who has ichthyosis vulgaris. A cream that works fairly well for her is one called F401 cream. It is not easily available, however there are some chemists that make it up. In our case we don't use it a lot at the moment as my daughter doesn't like putting on any cream at all, and F401 is fairly thick and she does find that it strings a little sometimes. We also use QV lotion or cream which is pretty good, available over the counter in any chemist. A doctor that my mum went to recently suggested that we try using plain old sorbelene cream as she doesn't have ichthyosis severely. We do find that in summer she doesn't really need to use anything at all, in winter though she gets very bad scaly patches on her legs. One thing that does help is exfolliation using a loofah. She also takes cod liver oil capsules which I THINK help.
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Re: anyone here from australia??? - 07/26/03 11:59 AM

Hi Zahra.....As you know...I sent you an email, instead of here....But seeing you have heard from another Aussie, I thought I would mention that Maureen Tierney:
Program Director
Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types, Inc. is wanting to put together a list of people from Australia and New Zealand, as a form of contact and support....

She advised me to post this to the Board, to try and get some more names on the list...She said that I am the only one to give my details so far....

Please feel free to contact her at the above email address...and she will add you to the list....

Hi Bandi,

Welcome and thanks for posting your treatment regime.... We are definitely lacking some people from Australia and New Zealand, to contribute to suggested creams etc...which are available down under...

I have also used sorbolene cream, and it is a great mosituriser especially for the face and neck....

In what way do you think that the cod liver tablets are helping? I think I was taking them at one time....

Regards Pauline...
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Re: anyone here from australia??? - 05/11/04 06:57 AM

Hi Zahra,

This is my first post in this forum, and I thought I'd share my personal experience with products available in Oz. I probably have x-linked ichthyosis vulgaris in a mild-medium form.

1.what types of creams are available here over the counter that you think have really worked wonders??

I used Redwin Sorbelene, which is cheap, easily available at most supermarkets, and certainly slows the degree of scaling in wintertime.

2.What emolients and exfolients would you recommend that are also available here in australia??

My wife came home with a jar of Lanate cream, made by Douglas Pharmaceuticals in NZ which I tried, and found it was an excellent exfoliant for very rough skin. I have been using it on and off for the last 8 months, and the results have been fantastic - although this is the first cream I have used as an exfolient, so don't know how it compares with others. It is also a very good moisturizer, however at about AU$24 a 100g jar, tis a little expensive to use for that. Most larger chemists are happy to order it in for you, but I have found none in Oz that regularly keep it in stock. I found that it worked best on thicker, older scales and required a little 'help' such as the odd long bath, followed by a good scrub with a fash washer. I used it twice a day for about 2 weeks at a time, repeating every 6-8 weeks. The first time I used it was in early Spring, and was so impressed I have continued using it. Please note it does have a slight odour of sour milk about it, which can be covered with perfume, etc easily.

I hope this info helps Zahra, and would be most interested in any products you have found to be better than these in Oz :-)



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Re: anyone here from australia??? - 06/20/04 12:58 PM

Well I was just saying to my partner that I had found this great board, and low and behold I found a post from me [img][/img] I guess I joined and posted and then promptly forgot about it LOL

I have just been recommended a cream by a doctor which is a emulsifying cream with glycerine added. I put it in at the chemist and I am yet to pick it up but I will let you know how it goes.