Flakes In Your Eyes!!!

Posted by: Nikkster

Flakes In Your Eyes!!! - 10/31/00 03:40 AM


Anyone else have this problem!!! I don't think that I can get through a day without something falling in my eye. It's bad enoughtthat you have to worry about eyelashes, but skin really takes the cake. It's really annoying and can be very bothersome, especially in the morning. I do pretty well with getting the flakes around my eyes and eyelid. I have problems with the skin that grows between the lashes. It seems to get stuck there and not want to come off. I know that having an AHA too close to the eye is not good. I use warm wet face clothes in the morning and evening to help loosen the skin, but it still likes to cling on. Does this happen to anyone else?
Posted by: Carly

Re: Flakes In Your Eyes!!! - 10/31/00 12:41 PM

ahh..i know exactly what you are talking about...i hate it when skin falls in my eye and i am driving....lol
and also, i have little to no eyelashes, and hen the skin gets caked around/between them like you mentioned, the eyelashes pull out.

Another thing...skin in the mouth...ew ew...gross...lol i have eaten enough skin in my lifetime to make a new body...but i think it must be worse if skin gets in another person's mouth hehehhehe [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/wink.gif[/img]

Posted by: Nikkster

Re: Flakes In Your Eyes!!! - 11/14/00 03:36 AM

I agree, that for some reason, I always get skin in my eye while driving!! What a pain. Not only do I haveta worry about the sun glare, but the skin will like pop up out of nowhere and I haveta blink it out and drive at the same time. If its too bad, I definately pull over. Thankfully, this doesn't happen too often.
Posted by: Chandra

Re: Flakes In Your Eyes!!! - 11/20/00 08:56 PM

Yeah, skin flakes around the eyelids or in the eyelashes are a pain in the year. I'm sure many of us have gotten used to navigating with one eye closed 'til we can pull over!

Suggestions: press a warm washcloth against your eyelids/lashes for at least half a minute, then take a damp Qtip (cotton swab) and gently drag from one end of eyelashes and / or eyelid. The washcloth helps soak the flakes or whatever gunk is there that needs to be removed, and the damp Qtip will gently swab it off with little to no eyelash removal. Toilet paper works instead of a washcloth if you're out of the house, and forunatley there are small packages of Qtips for sale that you can put in a purse or backpack, or even briefcase. Heck, Qtips in a plastic bag and then in a pocket work too. I reccomend doing this as a part of your morning routine, midday, and before you go to sleep. If you have exposed eyelids, this helps reduce chances of eye infection.
Also, keeping your favorite face moisturizer around and using it several times a day helps keep the peeling down so that fewer flakes fall in your eyes. If you use something that doesn't have a small portable bottle or jar available, go to your local drugstore that carries cosmetics. Quite often they have small plastic bottles and jars people use when traveling that you can fill with your favorite lotion or cream.
Posted by: Laura Phillips

Re: Flakes In Your Eyes!!! - 11/28/00 01:10 AM

Well, my method definitely falls under "use at your own risk" category [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

I put AHA creams right up to the edge of my eyes, and along the upper lid. I try to get as close the edge as possible without getting it in my eye. But I definitely get closer than "recommended."

Also, when I scrub with a pumice in the shower/bath, I use a natural pumice with at least one sharp edge to it and again...scrub right up to the edge of my eyes, upper and lower.

I couldn't maintain the scale around my eyes the way I wanted without doing either of these two things.

On a less drastic note, I also think it really helps reduce the scale right along the lash line to use a night-time lubricant when sleeping.

Hope that helps,