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Posted by: yww

From China - 08/15/02 03:20 PM

hi everyone.I am from china,some of you maybe know me a little.I got

something to ask here.Today I went to see a doctor,well,an expert.She

said that my type of ichthyosis is the vulgaris.I asked for some

lactic acid,but the response is there is no lactic acid in their

hospital.And I have been look for lactic acid for some days,but can't

find a place to buy it.the doctor also gave me some other choices:Coal

Tar,Urea ointment,Vitamin A Acid-Dermik,tazara tene(also a retinoids

acid?)and a kind of ointment which I don't know how to translate into

English just know there is "silicon" in its name,and it's a cream for

So if I am sure about my type of ichthyosis(I myself also thought it

is vulgaris),What kind of cream and treatment should I take?Please

give me some suggestion,and when it comes to some medical words,I mean

those odd words,Please give me some explanations about them.
And by the way my yahoo ID is
and my windows messenger ID is
I'll be always glad to chat with anyone.
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Re: From China - 08/15/02 09:32 PM

Hi, I also have vulgaris, a light form... Eucerin with omega fatty acids works the best for me on this moment. But it's difficult to tell what works the best for you. It's also important to watch to the climate you live in. I tried all kinds of lotions, ... But eucerin with some acids has the best result. If I apply it once each 24 hours, I have almost no problems... For my face I still haven't found a product that gives the result I want. Trying the different products is the only thing you can do to be sure you have the product that helps you the best.
I also have been talking to different specialists, there is nothing that gives a excellent result they say. There are no cures available, so we only can take care of our symptoms. During the winter I always have the same problems, with the one lotion less than with the other, but I haven't found yet the product that really does the thing. Quite frustrating I think. A possible option is moving abroad they said. I know if I am on a place that is hot and humid whole the problem is gone.
So I think if I have the chance to move abroad to such a place after my studies, I move. If I wan't to have a chance to become completely happy, I must try that. I really can't live whole my live thinking every hour of the day about my skin...
I hope you find something that works for you! Good luck.
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Re: From China - 08/16/02 01:40 AM

Thank you for your response,Bob.I am also in a light form of vulgaris,too.And I know that there is no cure for it.I will try every cream I can get.And one more thing I want to ask if I use Vitamin A Acid for a long term,Will there be a side-effect?
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Re: From China - 08/22/02 05:02 AM

If you go to you will find a full-service pharmacy that ships anywhere in the world. They do carry most of the lotions we talk about on here, LacHydrin being the most popular over-the-counter lactic acid-based lotion we mention.
You might want to check it out to find the products that we talk about on here.