Laura..a question,..

Posted by: Carly

Laura..a question,.. - 10/02/00 10:54 AM

Heya Laura,

I know I have been out of touch with the ichthyosis site for a while, i am sorry. But I visited today, and this new message board system rules. I belong to the Savage GArden BBS and it operates the same way as this one, so cool

I was wondering, Can there be a youth section, dedicated to teenagers' experience with ichthyosis?
If it goes ahead, i will volunteer to moderate [img][/img]

Thanks, Carly
Posted by: Laura Phillips

Re: Laura..a question,.. - 10/06/00 12:37 PM

Hey girl!

Glad you're back. I've been traveling and working too much, so I haven't been keeping up with much of anything lately--please excuse the delay in my response.

I think a youth forum would be great--especially since you've volunteered to moderate! I'll get it set up shortly.

Posted by: Carly

Re: Laura..a question,.. - 10/06/00 01:32 PM

Thanks Laura,
I posted a welcome note there=)