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calmurid cream - 10/04/07 12:06 AM

Hi,I am a new member and have found all entries that I have read very useful,inspiring and my very best wishes to all of u.I was born with icht and am now 37 yrs old.I have coped reasonably well.My problem is mainly my hands albeit I am affected all over my body(legs worse off).I have used Calmurid for many years and in my opinion have found it to be one of the very best when for eg compared to Eucerin.the only problem is my hands..although it moisturises them ,the dryness is still there and the more I use,I find eventually(a more aggressive when I have contact with water that my skin starts peeling off)..every morning I have to scrub my hands/fingers painfully with a hard scrubber..wondering if anyone else has similar problems with calmurid and perhaps any suggestions re.any good alternatives .Thanx
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Re: calmurid cream - 10/11/07 03:41 PM

I never heard of Calmurid before so I googled it and it says:

This cream contains the active ingredients urea and lactic acid. It is used to moisturise and rehydrate dry, scaly skin

Urea and lactic acid ingredients are both recommended by ichthy-ans.

I usually look at what parents are doing to help children, but some have mentioned soaking hands in aquaphor or other creamer and wrapping them in plastic (cellophane) for over night. I can tell my son's hands are the worse probably from playground play and especially on days when he has Art and they use clay. My mom recently got him a unit that warms up a moisturizing wax. He will rub a lot of lotion on his hands, then dip his hands in the wax. The heat and seal of the wax will moisutize the scales and help them peel later. We would have to do this daily with him, and he doesn't feel the benefits are worth it. So we have packed it up for now. But I might try again when he gets older and wants to hold a girls hand or something. [img][/img]

Good luck.

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Re: calmurid cream - 10/15/07 01:12 AM

Hi Kam
I have never liked using Calmurid because of those reasons. I use a product called Aquacare which has urea in it and underneath that I use a glycolic acid lotion. Aquacare can be a little heavy in hot weather but its moisturising properties are amazing. Aquacare is available in Australia at all pharmacies, don't know if you can get it in the UK.