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Temperature - 11/05/06 05:29 PM

What temp. do you keep your homes during the winter?? Now that I am working from home (selling Partylite) and going to school only part time (nursing), Ayla is home most of the time, and I want to make sure the temp. is optimal for her skin when she is here, since it NEVER is anywhere else.

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Temperature - 11/05/06 07:01 PM

We keep ours set at 65 in the winter. It prevents the furnace from kicking on too often which dries out the air. If the kids are cold (which rarely happens) we just put a heavy sweatshirt and socks on them. We always have blankets laying around too.
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Re: Temperature - 11/05/06 07:43 PM

I agree with Lisa. We keep ours around 64-65 during the day with the drapes open to allow natural light and some extra heat. At night we turn it down to 62 and pile on the blankets. Her skin just doesnt do well with the heat on and she just loves her sweatshirts and blankets. We also run the humidifier and keep the humidity pretty high 60-70 perecent.

Hope this helps,

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Re: Temperature - 11/05/06 08:30 PM

We also run humidifiers...this is probably a stupid question...how do you measure humidity?
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Re: Temperature - 11/05/06 09:40 PM

You can actually buy a little "thing" (for lack of a better word) that measures humidity. Look for it by the humidifiers. Ours was only a couple of dollars from Walmart.
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Re: Temperature - 11/06/06 02:09 AM

We are living with my parents ever since Vanessa was born. I wanted to be a stay at home mom so I can care for her the best I can. Being there was only one income, We couldnt afford our home anymore. Totally worth it!! Anyway, my mom is always cold and keeps the heat at 72. The derm has told her over and over that it should be no more then 68 and I agree but at 72 ,Nessa dryes out quick. Not sure what the solution is but I def think 68 is a good temp for them.
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Re: Temperature - 11/07/06 01:11 AM

thanks all! I guess the upcoming winter is freaking me out a little since it is her first-
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Re: Temperature - 11/07/06 06:51 PM

We keep our house between 73 and 75 all the time. Julia gets cold really easily. Good thing the military picks up our heat and electric bill lol
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Re: Temperature - 11/08/06 01:20 AM

I have always been very sensitive to the cold and I keep my temp at 74 to 75 in the fall and winter. I used to keep it at 77 to 78 in the winter. (too hot, huh!) In the summer months I can not handle the cold blowing out on me and I keep my central air on 77 to 78.
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Re: Temperature - 11/17/06 08:32 PM

I like my house cooler to reduce the drying effects of heating. I keep it at around 18C (not sure what that is in F) which means I'm constantly wearing socks and something long sleeved when at home.

In a very cold climate, a problem that arises when keeping temp low and humidity high is condensation on the inside surfaces of the window panes, especially when it get very cold. This water can seep through the window frame and cause problems for the house. What I did in the past was install plastic insulation (the kind you stretch with a hair-dryer) to some of my windows each automn. I would also turn down the humidifiers when it got very cold outside. This helped to reduce condensation. This summer, I replaced all my windows with Low-Energy ones which I hope will eliminate the cold interior glass panes that cause condensation.

I'm curious whether anyone has any special tricks or suggestions for the condensation problems that arise when keeping a high-humidity house in the winter.