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TSAL HELP? - 09/28/06 11:05 PM

I was just wondering, i saw alot of people have used tsal shampoo on there children. Iwould like to try it on Vanessa. She is 20 months today!!!!Anyway, is it gental enough for someone her age? I saw the box said not to get in eyes. Thats pretty hard not to do with a squirmy lil girl..lol Has anyone had trouble if they got it in the eyes? Im just a paranoid mom...lol sorry. Looking foward to your responces. thank u
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Re: TSAL HELP? - 09/29/06 06:59 PM

I used the kitchen sink method with my boys like Lisa, until they were older and could keep their eyes closed longer, and did not mind water in/near their face. It helps too, to place a rolled towel under their neck when laying on the counter faced up, so they feel more comfortable, it also absorbs that extra water that may drip down their necks.

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