ring worm?

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ring worm? - 09/15/06 02:04 PM

Has anyone had ringworm? Im taking Vanessa to the Dr today. It looks like she may have ring worm. She was up all nite scratching. She just got a cold so i started her breathing treatments. Hoping no hospital!!!! When it rains it poors. Well I was just wondering if anyone had ringworm what they used to treat it with. I dont want to irritate her skin more. thanks
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Re: ring worm? - 09/15/06 05:31 PM

ok well, the Dr said its just and eczama patch. Glad to hear that [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]
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Re: ring worm? - 09/15/06 07:07 PM

Ring worm was a major problem when my daughter was younger (now 11). She hasn't had it in quite some time, but is now plagued with a fungal infection on her feet and ankles....not ring worm, but very itchy.
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Re: ring worm? - 09/18/06 02:25 AM

Since the ringworm fungi is basically the same as athletes foot and jock itch fungi (tinea). There is a some what natural way to get rid of it. I did a post under the alternative therapies. Even thought I have normal skin it has been known to work on diabetics and others with different skin disorders. Ozonated Olive Oil contains high levels of oxygen which can kill fungi and bacteria. I am not sure if it will help someone with ichthyosis. But who knows. I do hope it helps. It did help with my ringworm several yrs ago.