Free Aquaphor program

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Free Aquaphor program - 04/03/08 06:07 PM

Beiersdorf, the company that makes Eucerin and Aquaphor, has a program for high-use users where you can receive a case of 12 bottles of any of their products, for FREE, with a letter from your dermatologist stating what condition you have and that it is medically necessary. Once they have you on file, you can call for a new case every 3 months.

Aquaphor Original is available by ordering it through your pharmacy. Only Aquaphor Healing, which has alcohol in it and tends to sting, is available on store shelves.

This program is available to residents of the United States. It is unfortunately not offered in Canada, although one of our members called and received coupons for $10 off.

You have to provide them with a doctor's letter with your contact info, diagnosis and treatment, and they send you the product. You have to renew the request every 3 months by calling them. You do not need to get a new letter each time, though. Fax the letter to 203-563-5630. The general customer service phone number is 800-227-4703.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 04/03/08 08:59 PM

That would be a HUGE blessing!

Do you have the phone number that we could call to confirm this before just faxing them a letter from the Dr??

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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 04/04/08 04:30 AM

The phone number is the customer service number from the other thread - 800-227-4703.

I called a second time to get the exact details, which is why my first post is edited.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 04/27/08 03:59 AM

bump for Kerry.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 04/30/08 05:13 PM

My doctor's office had trouble faxing the letter, and Eucerin told me that the number listed here is an old number. The new number to fax to is:

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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/01/08 09:06 PM

Woo Hoo!! We received 12 Aquaphors recently for free!! Everyone needs to do this!!

What a blessing!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/02/08 05:52 PM

Does anyone know if the program is only for Americans or will they help people out of the country as well?
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/03/08 03:41 AM

I would call customer service and ask. A lot of these companies have international customer service and offices, especially in places like Canada, Germany and the UK.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/03/08 11:40 PM

Hi, I just sent off an email. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/05/08 10:51 PM

I am confused. I called my son's derm and told her about aquaphor being discontinued so she called the company and they said it is not being discontinued. Did I misundertand? I would love FREE aquaphor, but didn't get the impression my doctor would want to send a letter unless it was being discontinued.


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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/05/08 10:55 PM

It isn't being discontinued. It is available if you order it from your pharmacist, but no longer on store shelves (like Velvachol or Sudafed or Nizoral shampoo).

This program is run by the company separate from general sales. Most people buy a jar that lasts 6 months or a year. Some of us with ichthyosis go through a jar a week. The stuff costs $17 a jar. The company is GIVING you a 3 month supply if you're that sort of jar-a-week user. All they want is a letter of proof from your doctor that you really need this.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/06/08 12:51 AM

thank you! i will try and have my doctor help us out.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/17/08 09:56 PM

We just recieved 2 cases. One for each child. This is such a blessing!!!!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/18/08 01:12 PM

How long does it typically take to get? I faxed in my letter along with a letter from my daughter's derm on Thursday. If this actually works, it will be great!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/18/08 06:33 PM

I would call to make sure they recieved it. The 1st letter our derm faxed got missed placed. After they recieved the fax it took about a week. I made sure that I got the lady's name that was helping me and I always asked for her.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 07/01/08 08:05 PM

bumping for Robinlynn
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/23/08 01:50 AM

They are no longer carrying Aquaphor ORIGINAL on store shelves. You can still get Aquaphor HEALING, which is a different formula. The free Aquaphor program is fantastic for those with Icthyosis who depend on gobs of it for relief -- our doctor faxed a letter, and about six weeks later we got our free case of Aquaphor *and* six coupons for more free Aquaphor! We specifically requested Aquaphor Original in our letter, since that is what works best for our daughter. Hope this clears it up for you!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/23/08 01:52 AM

Oops! I read what I thought was the last post in the thread, and it was an old one! And the new Board won't let me edit or delete my response! Getting used to the new format....
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/23/08 05:34 PM

I stickied the thread because it is important to a lot of our newer members that might not know about the program and I just found the thread buried on page 9.

You should be able to edit your post. Is that not an option next to "Reply" at the end of your post?
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/23/08 07:00 PM

Hi Hearsay,

What's aquaphor? Is it like Eucerin?


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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/23/08 09:58 PM

More like vaseline, but thick like Eucerin.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/24/08 02:07 PM

Something similar to the tubs of "Pure white parafin" that we use so?
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/24/08 04:22 PM

Sort of. It's a concoction mostly of petrolatum with some mineral oil, ceresin and lanolin alcohol in it.

The healing ointment one has 3 other ingredients in it - glycerin, bisabolol (some sort of alcohol found in chamomile) and panthenol (vitamin B5 alcohol). Lots of people have complained that the healing ointment version burns.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/29/08 02:53 PM

I just recieved my case of auqaphor yesterday. I faxed the Dr.s letter the first week in July and did not get a response, so I called the coustomer service number the other day to see what happened. The woman said they had no information about my fax that I could fax again, she took my name and address, the next day I had recieved the case of auqaphor. What a wonderful company! Wish there was more companies like them. Thanks to all for the information about this program!!!! smile

Re: Free Aquaphor program - 10/10/08 09:14 AM

Does anyone use cetaphil? or know if this would be possible to try with that co.?
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 10/22/08 05:19 PM

So I had two cases shipped over three months ago and all I had to do was call them today and request that they send more. I thought once every three months meant going to the doctor again getting a note and faxing, but NO!! How wonderful this is!! Yeah. Thank you so much for putting this thread out here--talk about a savings!! 24 jars is what we get for the two of us and at $18 each that is significant thanks again.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 10/22/08 05:46 PM

Brianna, I've called Galderma to see if they could help us (I go through 3 jars a week on my boys!), but they are not very responsive.

October, I'm so glad that Beiersdorf is so helpful for your family!

Re: Free Aquaphor program - 10/23/08 09:52 AM

Yes, I e-mailed the co., but I think I am going to try calling and speaking with someone. Maybe I can get somewhere by speaking to someone. I will let you know the out come.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 10/24/08 11:11 PM

well my son has to have 3 baths a day and we lube him up with alot of aquaphor from head to toe..i can easily got through 4 jars a week. I didnt know they had discontinued aquaphor i thought my husband bought some 1 month ago is it not available anymore??

i had one of his doctors suggest cetaphil whip..its real fluffy and it worked wonders on him for a bit but the aquaphor brings moisture back to him..
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 10/25/08 10:42 PM

I was wondering the same exact thing- would I have to have the doctor fax another letter! It is good to know that Eucerin makes it a little easier for us. We received a case a few weeks ago. It took a little longer than I expected and when I called to see what was going on, I was told they never received a fax from the doctor. So I called the doctor and they refaxed the letter. A few weeks later a case (12 jars)arrived at my doorstep. Talk about an early Christmas gift- was I ever excited to be saving so much money! That saved us $170! You can be sure I will be making another call to Eucerin in January!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 10/28/08 09:51 PM

AmyTx - Aquaphor is still available, but it is either behind the pharmacy counter or the pharmacist has to order it for you. The stuff on the shelf with the rest of the beauty products is Aquaphor Healing, which many of us has found that it stings too much to use or that it doesn't work as well with the severity of what we are dealing with.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 11/02/08 05:20 PM

My son just received a prescription for Aquphor last week and we were able to get it this a temporary manufacture shortage?
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 11/03/08 05:28 AM

No. There's no shortage. They just decided to only sell it to pharmacies.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 11/26/08 08:13 PM

Just an FYI to all you Canadians out there:

After several communications with Beiersdorf Canada - they do NOT offer a similar program here, unfortunately.
They did, however, send me two $10 off coupons, which was nice. It's really too bad they don't have the free program though.

If anyone knows anything different, please let me know, but that is the final answer I got from them.

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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/28/09 03:26 PM

Are they still doing this?
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 06/27/09 09:09 PM

Oh wow what amazing info, we are burning through this like nobody's business, I am going to do that first thing on Monday!!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 07/04/09 06:12 PM

I actually just enrolled in this program, but not for the Aquaphor. They told me I could choose any lotion that Eucerin makes because I have a chronic condition. My Derm., just had to fax a letter with the name and I get 12 full size bottles every three months free. I can't believe it. So I get the Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials, which has AHA, and works wonderful for me. I could have chosen the Aquaphor, though, but don't like the vaseline feeling anymore.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 07/06/09 12:56 AM

Hello every one. How can I get more information about this? Phone number, fax number...

I will really apreciate any help. THANKS.

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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 07/07/09 04:08 PM

1 800 227 4703
If you call this number they will give you all the info.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 07/22/09 12:36 AM

Thank you Tiffany.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 07/26/09 02:17 AM

I just got the Aquafor in and its two cases and came in about a week, this is an awesome program!!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 10/04/09 06:31 AM

Can I get this stuff in Australia? if so, where? does it go by any other name?
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 11/04/09 02:33 AM

Could someone please post a sample letter or something similar.
After 2 inquires my Dr. still hasn't made this happen.

Do they do this for Eucerin ?
Does the Dr. have to re-request every 3 months ?
Posted by: TiffanyJ

Re: Free Aquaphor program - 11/06/09 02:16 AM

I don't have a copy of the letter our Dr faxed over. But it just says Treasure and Jackson have LI. They use about a jar a week and that it is a medical necessity. We get Aquaphor but I THINK that if letter says Eucerin they will give it to you. I do know that once you are on the program they don't like to change. once you are a part of the program you only have to call to get them to send it.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 11/12/09 12:23 AM

My mom told me about this a while ago, and we got a note from my derm and they sent us free Aquaphor!!! It was like Christmas!!! lol, I love it. it really helps us a whole lot!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 01/24/10 05:47 AM

I called the number listed for customer service and they sd all i needed was a letter from my daughters derm stating she had ichthyosis and that she requires use of their product. They even sd I had a choice of what I wanted whether it be aquaphor or eucerin lotion. My derm faxed the ltr on the 14th and i recieved product on the 18th.. wonderful.. thanks for the post and info.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 01/26/10 12:26 AM

Too bad the Canadian branch isn't on board frown
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 03/05/10 10:26 PM

We just received ours today! What a wonderful company to offer this!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 04/17/10 03:51 AM

This is absolutely AMAZING!!

I'm calling the doctor on Monday to get a letter!

Thank you for posting this information. smile
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/31/10 01:07 AM

Just recieved a free case of Aquaphor! Thanks Jennifer!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 06/08/10 11:04 AM

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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 06/22/10 02:14 AM

is this offer still up? how about Hawaii, do they ship there for free? i am interested in this program, for my youngest son has this Ichthyosis..

thanks for any reply.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 06/22/10 02:57 AM

It is still a live offer, yes. So far as I know, it is valid in Hawaii.
Posted by: Sideshow_bob

Re: Free Aquaphor program - 11/04/10 11:16 PM

Anybody else had trouble getting their Aquaphor lately? I ordered mine in September and am *still* waiting, even after 2 additional calls to customer service...
Posted by: KimNL

Re: Free Aquaphor program - 11/05/10 02:20 AM

They don't even offer it in Canada! frown
Posted by: snackmom

Re: Free Aquaphor program - 11/08/10 09:30 PM

Sideshow- I called in on Wednesday 11/3 and recieved shipment on Saturday 11/6. I know Biersdorf changed their shipping method, but I am not sure who they are shipping through. I would make make another phone call if I were you. We had the same situation earlier in the year and they were able to get it worked out for us. Good luck!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 06/08/11 05:08 AM

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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 07/29/11 10:13 PM

Does anyone have a better or more current number than the numbers listed on the first post? I have tried to call them and it always has a recording saying it is not business hours, even though it is. Also, do you think it's okay to just fax over the report my dermatologist made after my last visit? It's about 4 pages regarding my disorder addressed to my general doctor. I figured I could just use that since it explains my condition and need for Aquaphor. Unless it needs to be directly addressed to the Aquaphor company...

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/06/11 07:05 PM

I called last 3 months ago and it worked fine then. This whole thing goes directly to the company that makes Aquaphor, which is Beiersdorf. I'm pretty sure they are in Texas, so it might be a time zone issue for you.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 08/23/11 10:54 AM

Thanks for the info.
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/07/12 06:31 PM

Is this offer still live??

Thank you!
Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/09/12 04:30 AM

It is!
Posted by: nefariousevil66

Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/11/12 03:00 AM

Thank you Hearsay!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/15/12 09:35 PM

Great! Just had my Derm fax over the letter today.. Now the waiting game.. I'll give Aquaphor a call tomorrow!
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 05/29/12 07:32 PM

Yaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooo! Just received my (12) 16.9 oz bottles of Eucerin Intensive Repair for very dry skin...
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Re: Free Aquaphor program - 04/18/13 05:12 PM

Hi nefarious
I have LI, i am 35 years old and been using Soraitane (last 6 years) and vaseline (all my life). Aquaphor free program is great, i called them and they took my information but whats the difference b/w "intensive" and "orginal" Aquaphor bottles? I eman formulation wise

Posted by: Hearsay

Re: Free Aquaphor program - 04/19/13 03:21 PM

Healing has a couple extra ingredients in it. I can't remember what for certain, but it's lanolin or one of the other skin softening agents. Some people have said that the Healing variety tends to sting more than the Original.