milk helps a lot

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milk helps a lot - 04/01/08 08:09 AM

I have got Ich V. I find milk helps a lot and it is cheap.I use the sour milk or yoghourt to replace the soap when getting a shower.Just use 50 to 60ml(in winter) or 40ml (in summer) each time.
Towel off after washing the whole body with water,then apply the sour milk or yoghourt on the body. You can massage for several minutes. At last, cleanout.
For me, in winter ,I'd apply glycerin or almond oil soon after showering. Then apply a little ointment which contains some herb medicines. But I am not sure of what components in the ointment. Also, I take some herb medicne periodically.
I have use the milk for one year. And herb medicine for 2 years. What I find is that the herb medicine reduce my eczema and makes me sanguine. Meanwhile, the milk help to moisturize and smooth my skin with its multivitamin and especially the fat and latic acid.
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Re: milk helps a lot - 04/01/08 10:55 PM

You know I can’t remember the name brand, but one time I did use a milk based body wash, and it was nice--made my skin sooo soft, the only problem was the fragrance in the wash broke me out. I imagine your milk bath would work--especially given the lactic acid factor. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: milk helps a lot - 04/02/08 02:06 AM

Hello Fish
Thank you for your recommendations and I am in agreement with you on using lactic acid and glycerin.I have x-linked ichthyosis, and this year was the first time I tried glycerin, and it helped to smooth my skin before applying lactic acid.I hope you will share your methods with all our friends with ichthyosis in China.Take care Fish and thank you.
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Re: milk helps a lot - 04/02/08 01:29 PM

I am just trying to find some cheap and effective ways to do daily care. And most importantly, find methods with fewer side effects. In China, we have larger population and of course, greater number of ich sufferers. I feel very happy to share our experience. But what I find is that there is no cure for ich both in China and other countries. Actually, I find the medicament or remedy are mainly aims at lighten keratosis follicularis and kinds of exanthema, and regulate qi and blood. Sometimes, I find someone here is trying to recommend what they think is good for them, but they will be thought to be doing some sale promotion. So I guess some people are just finding some treatment that relieves their disease. From my own experience, the best way is to try different ways to sweat. I think I will try to find some methods of other ich sufferers in Chinese BBS, including what the sufferers¡¯ feel and attitudes, and then I will try to post some here.

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Re: milk helps a lot - 04/04/08 10:41 AM

Oh,sorry, I think I have to correct what I have said before. I find the amount of milk I use each time is double as what have I mentioned above.